God is not a Man: Gospel Today Devotional - 1st December, 2023


If as a child you were asked to go wait for someone at the bust stop, you would wait to ask further questions, isn't it? You may want to ask questions like, who is the person? Is he light in complexion? What is his name? Is the person a man or a woman? This is  because without having the right knowledge of the person you're going to meet, it would be very difficult for you to identify such a person. It is either you come back without the person or actually come back with the wrong person. Praise God! It is the knowledge of the person you have that eases your work in identifying the person. Hallelujah!

God is not a Man: Gospel Today Devotional - 1st December, 2023

Why do I have to give this illustration? It is because as a believer, it is your knowledge of God that determines your experience of him. You cannot experience God more than you know him. And to know God means you must know his word for his word talks about him. Many people do not know who God is, and yet we expect them to live the life God gives. This is very much impossible. No man can live the life God gives outside God. It is therefore expedient that we know the God we serve such that what we do will show of of a truth that we know him. It is only those who know God that can live to please the Lord, obey his command,  believe him, and tell of his wonders. Do you know God? Do you truly know God?

As the Lord would be helping us, we shall be seeing together as we study God's word who God is. The Lord through the series will be teaching us about himself, and it is my prayer that our knowledge of God will be increased as a result of this series, and his dealings with us will be more than we have ever experienced. To begin with the series knowing God, we shall be considering the verse of scripture below,

"God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it ? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?" (Numbers 23:19).

In our quest to know God, one thing must be clear, the fact that God is not a man, and that he is neither the son of a man. In the illustration above, I talked about a child being sent to the bus stop to pick someone, right? I also established the fact if he doesn't know the person he is to pick, he will either come back without the person or if he would come back with anyone at all, it will be the wrong person, right? The same way it is with God, we cannot mistake God for a man. God is not a man. This should be registered first in our hearts. God does not exhibit the traits of a man, and man cannot show forth the traits of God except such a man has been begotten of God. Glory to God.

There is no searching of God's understanding. He does not grow weary nor does he faint. God unlike man is indefatigable, meaning that God is never tired. God unlike man does not promise, and fail. He is too faithful to do that. God unlike man has no struggles, nothing happens without his knowledge. God unlike man is not limited by time or resources. He will not repent for not being able to do as he has said for it is against his nature. If you look carefully at the scripture above, it says that God is not a man, and because of that, he would not lie. It also says that God is not the son of man, and as a result would not repent. It is one who does wrong that repents, and if God would not lie, why would he repent?

It also says that when God says a thing, he would do it. It was posed as a question in the text, but I want you to see it as a question that states a fact about God; and this is the fact, that he would do whatever he promises to do. The question today is, what way have you seen God before now? Have you been dealing with God as you have been dealing with men? Could that be the reason you have not believed all that he has told you? Could that be the reason you are afraid he might disappoint or fail you? The truth is, it is what you know about God that determines your dealings with him. The lesson today is aimed at letting you know that God is not a man. He will not lie to you. He will not repent of lying to you because he will not even lie in the first place. He will not disappoint you nor fail you. If he has said a thing to you, he will bring to pass what  he has said although it tarries. Only trust in him, and let this knowledge of God abide in you still. The Lord help us all. Amen.

Thought for the day: You must not compare God with men. God is not a man that he would lie or repent from lying. Men may say things, and never do them, but God will always fulfill that which he says.

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