Our Identity as Children of God: Gospel Today Devotional - 28th November, 2023

There are certain traits that show to people that we are children of God when they are displayed either through the way we act or the way we live. Either ways, it is expedient to know that we are children of the most high God, and that we have the responsibility to represent him the best way possible. Praise God! How did we know this? The scripture says in the book of John, in Chapter 1, and verse 12 that as many as believe him, he gave the power to become the sons (children of God), and if we have been given the power to live as children of God, shouldn't we live according to the power working in us?

Our Identity as Children of God: Gospel Today Devotional - 28th November, 2023

It's just as though you got a new appointment to work in this big firm, and on getting there, you were told what to do, that is, your job description. You would agree with me that even without anyone telling you, it is expected that you carry out your responsibility as you are expected to, right? It is also believed that your attitude to work would tell them whether or not you really are interested, isn't it? You should however do as you have been told, why? Because there's a knowledge at work in you. Glory to God.

That's the way it should be for believers as well, seeing we have been given power to become the children of God, we should live as children of the living God, why? Because there's a power at work in us. In today's study, we shall be seeing that which makes people identify us as children of God, and I trust the Lord to bless our hearts through his word. Amen. The passage of scripture under consideration is seen below,

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God". (Matthew 5:9).

Can I quickly make this illustration? If one claims to be a Christian for instance, and over time has told you that he is a Christian. Of course he has said with his his mouth that he is but that alone is not enough to assess his genuineness. If truly he is, he must also by his actions show that he is, and not just by his words. Just imagine this same person who claims to be a Christian happens to be the one who instigates every form of trouble in your compound, do you think others would believe that he is a Christian? The answer is no. This is because the power that works in the lives of those who are of the Lord is not at work in him.

It is important that every believer bears this in mind, that there's a power that works in the lives of God's children, and one of the evidences that this power is at work in you, and in me is that we seek after peace. Look at that which the scripture says that the children of God are identified as because of the life of peace they live wherever they find themselves. It is not difficult to identify those living by the power working in the lives of God's children,  why? Because they are peace makers.

They wouldn't strive with you neither will they blow any situation out of proportion, and times even when they are not at fault, they still seek forgiveness from those who offend them. Hallelujah. Please note, the children of God are not just peace seekers, they are peacemakers. Their presence in a place brings about the peace that make people live in unity, and their lives, people are always willing to emulate. This shows that they are children of God, not just because they say so, but because they do so. And there's a blessing upon peace makers, what is it? Others will refer to them as children of God. Have you received him? Do you believe in him? Then you should be an advocate of peace wherever you find yourself. This is your identity as a child of God. May the Lord cause his word to dwell richly in your  heart. Amen.

Thought for the day: When that which you do is pioneered by the power of God working in you as his child, others will affirm indeed that you are a child of God.

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