5 Key Actions For Believers In 2024

As an individual, you probably have your traditional new year resolutions, goals and visions set for the year. It is likely that you did the same thing last year and didn't record any difference so how about trying another way to make sure your resolutions are met? 

The truth is this - merely making resolutions isn't enough. What you need isn't just written resolutions. You need the will and you need to act on it. With those goals written down, you might still encounter challenges that might deter you, try to frustrate your efforts or change the course of your plans. That is exactly why you need an action plan and strategy, even as a believer in the new year.

5 Key Actions For Believers In 2023

In other not to become sidelined on the way and bewildered to a point of breaking down that leads you into anchoring all your faith next on motivational write ups, articles scattered on our website to push you. Which is not the best state to be in. You will need more than motivational contents to conquer 2024. For one, you'd need these five key actions if you want to see better results.

1. Improve Your Self Discipline

Discipline needs to be enforced for you to hit every target you have. Self discipline demands you adhere strictly to the plans you have written down, work out your daily routines to bring you closer to those goals you set and stick to them, practise habit stacking, etc. You need self discipline to achieve a lot of result this year. Even personal development requires discipline. You also need discipline to keep relationships, discipline to write your book, build your business, study your Bible, be committed to fellowship,  behave properly, etc. You need self discipline. If you lack discipline, you will loose control of everything around you.


2. Stay Accountable

Learn to become accountable and responsible over every goal and activity you set or engage in. To-do this effectively, you will need self discipline also. You can also get someone you respect and make him/her your accountability partner. This person will guide you and hold you to every action you take if it's in line with what you are pursuing. You need to build your accountability records this year because there are opportunities that would never come if you lack accountability.


3. Take Personal Development Seriously

Growth can't take place in your life, if you refuse to develop yourself:Your character, abilities, skills, mindsets, communication skills, relationship skills and other important areas. You need to grow as an individual daily to build your capacity of handling problems effectively. As you increase your capacity, you make it easier for you to deal with situations, as growth is progressive and it prepares you for the task ahead. Personal Development demands that you make sacrifices and commitments towards your growth.


4. Build Destiny Relationships

You must build tangible relationships with people who have the platform, money, materials and resources you needed to achieve some of your plans. Make it a priority to connect with people whose network has Influential persons and can give you access to them. God has blessed us with the Gift of Men and it's not possible to rise without needing others. You need investors, sponsors, supporters and much more. When you build strategic relationships with people with your interest at heart, also know that you have to offer value also for them to be interested in connecting with you.

Also, there are persons whose recommendation alone can give you access to everything you want. Be smart to build intentional relationships. Relationship is a two way bargain. No one wants to lose out. It's give to me and I also give you to. Know the that lack of the right relationships and network can frustrate some of your plans in 2024.

5. Never Leave God

You need God. The Bible in Joshua 1:8 says "the book of law shall not depart from thy mouth, but thou shall mediate there in day and night and observe to do ac riding to all that is written in it…." You should take your Christian Life more serious and seek God's Instructions, blessings before proceeding to do anything. If God is with you, then you are assured of the rest.


As you pass through the year.

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