Christian Drama: Refuse to Die Empty

The play is set in Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki. The lights open to a stage with two girls dressed in casual wears having a discussion.

Chinwe: (In an outburst) I refuse to die empty!

Chinwe uttered this in fury, her eyes blinking rapidly as she stared at Lizzy with so much anger.

Lizzy: (aside) Oh God! I didn't know Chinwe was going to misinterpret my statement and react this badly.

Lizzy's right hand laid on her chin and the other held a mini bag as as she observed Chinwe with a narrowed eye, keenly observing her every body language. Lizzy fought so hard to control the laugh that was trying to break out so as not to provoke Chinwe further.



(Two girls are seen walking towards the faculty of social sciences building whilst engaging in a conversation)

Lizzy: Chinwe, it's just only a few months before our final exams o.

Chinwe: Yes babe. That reminds me, now we will have to face the real world after we graduate from the University.

Lizzy: That is the truth dear. Hmm... Chinwe, I have been thinking. If I graduate, I will ensure I establish my own business.

Chinwe: (hails) Baby baby...You na brain box na, I trust you oh. As for me, I will just look for a small job to do, at least I would be able to fend for myself.

Lizzy: (chuckles) Well Chinwe, maybe you should try thinking big and decide to die empty.



Chinwe: (In an outburst): I refuse to die empty!

Author: This was how it all started. A little statement caused this outburst from Chinwe.

Reflecting on that story, you will realize that most times we tend to be so quick to misinterpret or misunderstand people's words or actions. Chinwe should have been a little patient to ask what Lizzy meant, Don't you think?

In Pastor David Ogbueli's book "Essence of Life", he defined life to be "purpose" and the act of "adding value". From these, we can conclude that living big is a blessing but it becomes a curse when you don't live it in fufilment of purpose. Life is not measured by what you have but the impact you have made on the world. Reverend David Ogbueli also puts this better when he stated that "the essence of life is not living to make a living but living for a meaning".

As depicted in this drama above, Lizzy was trying to make Chinwe see that there's more to life than just living for yourself. There are greater things you ought to do. There are jobs you ought to create for others and there are solutions you ought to offer. You must refuse to be alive without knowing why. God has deposited so much in you and it is required of you to die empty. That is why this piece is inspiring you to live and give out all that is inside you.


This is a short drama piece with a vital lesson for ladies

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