Do All to the Glory of God: Gospel Today Devotional - 20th January, 2024

It is possible to do things without caring about other people's opinion, to act the way you would want to act, to talk the way you would want to talk, to behave the way you would want to behave, move the way you like, eat the way you like, etc. To you, it doesn't really matter what people think, it's just you being you.

Do All to the Glory of God: Gospel Today Devotional - 20th January, 2024

Can you a picture a child of say five years old or even above who was told by his parents not to do something? You can relate right? The child will at first pretend to have understood the instruction, and for a while obey his parents but behind his parents, he will disobey the rules, and act contrary to whatever instruction was given.

Well, while you may really do things, and not be bothered about what others think, and while you may not really do things to impress people, it is important to note that in our relationship with God, we are to live for him, and also do what we do for him. The apostle Paul in his epistle to the saints in Corinth affirms this in the verse of scripture below,

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God". ( 1 Corinthians 10:31).

Although in light of its context, it talks with respect to food, and drink, right? But you will agree at the same time that this is applicable to every part of the believer's life. If it weren't important, the Lord through the apostle Paul wouldn't have made this statement.

We have to note this, whether therefore you, eat or drink, do all to the glory of God he says, which implies that they were to live in a pattern, and way and do things in ways that signified that God was the reason for their actions, and their intentions were to only glorify him. Isn't it amazing how the scripture says we should glorify God even in the way we eat or drink? It is, and if these mattered even to him, how much more the way we act, live, and relate with fellow brethren?

This therefore is to point our attention to the fact that as believers, we are not to live unto ourselves, but unto him(God) who has called us by his grace, and are to do all things even to the point of eating and drinking to the glory of his name, and that people through our actions are directed to God himself. The Lord help us all to abide by his words in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thoughts for the Day

Dear believer, whatever you do, in words, and in deeds, you're to do such that God is glorified, and men are edified.

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