Have Faith in God: Gospel Today Devotional - 27th January, 2024

The faith of any believer should be in God and not in man. It is possible to have faith in a man but to say the truth, that is futile, why? Because by man and through man cannot nothing be done which alone God can do. This is the reason it is said to put faith in God and not in man. It is a wasted effort. How can you believe man to do that which God alone can do? This is the reason you have been disappointed many times.


Have Faith in God: Gospel Today Devotional - 27th January, 2024

It is like saying you have two friends for example. One of them is extremely rich, and I mean extremely rich while the other is just managing such that he can hardly feed himself. Let's say you had a project to execute that would cost you a million naira, which of them will your run to for help? Even if the one who is managing promises to help you, will you believe him? The answer is no, isn't it? Why? Because based on all standards of assessment, he doesn't have the financial capacity to do so. Praise God, and depending on him would only cause you disappointment.

This is that which the Lord seeks to explain to us through his word today. How that by the grace of God we shall be seeing from scripture what it is that we have been instructed to do and I trust the Lord to bless our hearts greatly. Amen. Shall we examine the scripture below?

"And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God".  (Mark 11:22).

From this scripture, we can see clearly that it was Jesus who gave the answer to them, why? What had happened before this time? Jesus had spoken to a fig when he came to it because he was really hungry. He said to the tree that nothing would grow on it henceforth (paraphrased). Meanwhile, his disciples were there with him at the time but they could not understand immediately what had happened until they passed through that place again.

When they saw that what Jesus had said actually did happen to the fig tree, they were amazed such that Peter called the attention of Jesus to it. It was on the account of this that this scripture was gotten and why? Jesus was trying to bring them to the consciousness of the fact that nothing was actually impossible if they only believed in God. That was what he meant by "Have faith in God".

Meaning that if anyone who who believed in God could actually speak to the tree as he spoke and the same result would be gotten. And this he is saying to us today. The instruction is that we place our faith in God not in man, not in our financial capacity, not in our intellect, etc. The solution to that which you consider a problem can only be gotten if you would believe in God such that you trust him at all times to help you. Do not think you can do anything by yourself nor will you be able to get help from anyone outside God. This is the reason you need to have faith in God. The instruction Jesus through the scripture is giving you today is to have faith in God.

Thought for the day: Faith in man is futile for he can do nothing which God alone can do. You're to have faith therefore not in man but in God.

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