Reward for Keeping the Lord's Command: Gospel Today Devotional - 8th January, 2024

In today's study, we shall be considering another illustration of parents and their children, and I trust the Lord to help us understand. Have you ever witnessed when parents sit to counsel their children who are now at the point where they have to live home either for school, a different state, for work, a different country, and many times even when they are about to get married? Praise God.

Reward for Keeping the Lord's Command: Gospel Today Devotional - 8th January, 2024

You hear them say things like, " My son, do not forget all that we have taught you. You know your mother and I have done our best to bring you in the way of the Lord. Do not turn from it. Do not keep bad friends. Do well to serve the Lord whenever you are. Always remember your source. Never forget yourself." Does this sound like something you have heard before? I believe you must have, and even if you have not heard it directly, you may have heard someone talk about it. Praise God.

You see, we cannot understand lessons like this except we get to see it in the form of Father (God) to son (you and I) relationship. We need to see lessons like this as God speaking to us through his word the same way our earthly parents would sit to counsel us. It is on the basis of this that lessons like this are taught. And it is my prayer that the Lord would cause his word to bear fruits in our lives. That we not just become readers of the word but doers as well. Let's consider the passage of scripture below,

"My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments: [2] For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee" (Proverbs 3:1,2).

What will keep a child anywhere he finds himself and what will make that child not to do anything contrary to that which his parent has taught him are instructions like this. When a child remembers the law of his parent (Father and mother alike), and his heart is able to retain their instructions such that he walks according to them, he would live wherever he finds himself as though he were living with his parent. Hallelujah. It is expedient for us to know as believers that God who is our Father just as our parents desire that we do not forget their laws, and that our heart keeps their commands also desires that as sons, we should not forget his law and keep his commands. Glory to God.

Look at what the scripture says, now reading it as God to sons, it says My son (you who I have begotten in love), forget not my law (remember at all times all I have said to you as written in my word and as communicated by my Spirit. Do not let it slip. Do not forget). But let thine heart keep my commandments ( do not just know it, keep it. Do not just put in your head and on paper, let it be written in your hearts, why? Because it is only when it is written in your heart that it can be retained). Little wonder the Psalmist says, Thy word have I hid (kept) in my heart that I might not sin against thee " (Psalm 119:11). Until the word of God is written in your heart, you will forget his law and also be unable to keep his commandments.

This is the reason God's word is coming to you, and I today that wherever we find ourselves as believers, whatever we do, wherever we go, we should never forget the law (principles for godly living) of God as contained in his word and we should keep his word. Please take not of the word 'keep' (it means to be deliberate, it's an action word. It says to keep, that is take the commandments of God as though you're carrying it in your hands, and then opening your heart to put it there. That is what it means to keep, and that is what you should do. And it says if you do that, there are rewards, which are length of days (long life) and peace. Is it not a good thing to live long in peace? The Lord help us to do as he asks. Amen.

Thought for the day: It is not enough to say we know the word of God. We must have it written, registered, kept, and hid in our hearts. Only then can it not be forgotten.

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