6 Effective and Recommended Ways to Use a Prayer Journal

Prayer is a very effective channel through which believers can talk to God and receive responses. As it helps us to grow intimately with God, it also builds our faith in standing firm and the place of reliance on God.

5 Effective Ways to Use a Prayer Journal

Prayer journaling helps us to deepen our faith in God as we put down our words and that of God. Isn't that interesting? These ways will help you to effectively use your prayer journal as you enjoy the benefits of putting down every little details from God to you.


1. Be Intentional about the Journal

Right before you purchase one or even as you are trying to select one at the store, you must be intentional about journaling before it can truly work for you. Journaling is achieved when there is a journal. You can get the customized prayer journal or get a notepad and design the journal the way you'd want it. The former eases you of the stress of creating sections and designs for your journal while the later boosts your creativity and helps your journal look more personalized. You can choose your preferences. In getting a journal, ensure that the cover attracts you. This will help your journaling more and birth productivity. 


2. Write Everything

Pouring your heart out to God cannot be overemphasized. The place of your heart matters when you pray and much more while journaling. God loves the details and He is interested in even the seemingly insignificant things, it is necessary for you to write out every little detail. You can pray to God about a scratch on your face, write to Him about healing for a knife cut on your hand, journal about how you constantly feel dehydrated and much more. You should literally journal about everything. While doing this, you should also let the Spirit lead and guide you as you write out what is in your heart.

5 Effective Ways to Use a Prayer Journal

3. Write in Sections

One of the things that makes prayer journaling beautiful is the structure. You can beautifully divide your journal, create  sections and tag each section with what will be etched in them. You can include these categories in your journal: Thanksgiving (where you thank God for who He is and adore Him.), request, intercession, pray the word(where you affirm God's word to your life and situations), letters to God, dreams, and visions, what God is speaking to you and the testimony (the answered prayers).

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4. Be Consistent

Consistency births beautiful things. Ensure that you are consistent in putting down every little detail. You can set a reminder that will help you to daily put down what God has told you. In situations when you are not with your journal while God is speaking to you, you can write the words down on your phone or somewhere else and transfer them back to your prayer journal.


5. Believe

Prayer journaling is an effective way of writing our hearts to God. There are many things that you cannot express with your lips so prayer journaling helps you write and pour out your heart. When you write in your prayer journal, believe that God reads your journal, listens to your prayers and hears all you are saying. You must have faith that He will respond back to you in due time.


6. Beautify Your Journal

You can make your prayer journal beautiful by putting some artworks and drawings that will bring that feeling of divinity.


In conclusion, there are different kinds of prayer journals. In some bookstores, there are prayer journals for guys and ladies, prayer journals for children, prayer journals for couples, prayer journals for students, entrepreneurs, businessmen and much more. Since you can pray to God about everything, it is just necessary to purchase a prayer journal that suits the occasion and effectively use your journal following the steps outlined in this article. 


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