Can Anyone Be Compared to God?: Gospel Today Devotional - 8th February, 2024

Have you ever heard a child say his mother is the best cook in the world? Have you ever heard a child say that none can be compared to his mum or dad? And sometimes one is amazed as to how a child so little would dare to say none can be compared to his dad or mum. Does that mean there's none existing on earth who can't cook as much as his mum? Does that also mean there's none on earth who truly isn't like his dad? You may want to devote some of your time to think about it.

Can Anyone Be Compared to God?: Gospel Today Devotional - 8th February, 2024

How about a husband who says to his wife, many women have done virtuously but you surpass them all? You mean amongst all women, there's none who actually is more virtuous than she is? Or a wife who tells her husband he is rare and none can be like him? These and many more makes you wonder if truly these persons are unique, right? Can I tell you something? Yes, they are. This is what it means to them, that it doesn't matter who they come across, what food they get to eat, what other women or men they get to meet as the case may imply, they have made the decision that none can be compared to the people they consider the best. This is the very reason a man won't cheat on his wife as helped by the Lord, and vice versa. This is also the reason a child won't just eat anybody's food except his mum's. They move and do things with their minds fixed and their decisions made. Hallelujah.

This is my point, there are people who can be compared to others, there are people who show similar traits, who cook better, are better fathers; but so that they do not take the place of your most beloved, you make that decision and fix your mind that there's none like him or her. The only one to who no one can be compared is God. None can be compared to him. It doesn't matter who he is or what he does. We would get to see this truth unveiled to us in our study today, and I trust the Lord to help our understanding. Praise God. The passage of scripture under consideration is seen below,

"For thou art great, and doest wondrous things: thou art God alone". (Psalm 86:10).

There are three things in this passage of scripture that we need to see. The Psalmist came to a point I believe where he just had to confess, and in his confession, three things about the Supreme, Eternal being (God) was revealed. Hallelujah. The first being that he is great, for the passage says, "for thou art great", meaning that none can be compared to him in greatness. He is as well able to do things beyond human comprehension, and in his greatness, he does that which is impossible, and which no one in heaven and in earth can do. He is indeed great. As an encouragement, even in the face of any situation or trouble, you should make this confession and believe it that he is great and his greatness will be revealed.

Second of all, it says, "and doest wondrous things". I am not surprised, are you? God of a truth does wondrous things. How can someone who is great not do wondrous things? Can you now see that there's a connection to all three statements in the passage? And truly we can testify to that, right? Just look at the birth of Jesus, very wonderful. The deliverance of the Israelites from the Land of Egypt, what a wonder! The list is endless. He is the only one who can make a woman who has passed the age of conceiving to conceive, and bear child. He does wondrous things. You also have to bear this in mind, that no matter the situation, how bad it has gone, God does wondrous things, and in your life, he will do wondrous things. Hallelujah.

Finally, it says, thou art God alone. This is amazing, after considering how great he is, and confessing it; after considering what wonders he does, and confessing it, he came to the conclusion that none was like God, and although they be others who claim to be, this one is the only true God. He is God alone. Glory to God. And of a truth, there could be nothing more truthful than this. None can be compared to him in greatness, none can be compared to him in power, and might. None can be compared to him in wisdom, in knowledge, and in understanding. In fact, the scripture says there's no searching of his understanding. He is God alone. Unlike the child, husband, and wife in our illustration above, this is not a decision we make because we may see others who show similar traits but the truth as it is. Never on earth, and never in heaven will you find anyone like God nor will you find any other god as God. It is simple, and clear, that this Supreme, Eternal being called YAHWEH is God alone. May we ever be conscious of this truth. Amen.

Thought for the Day

In greatness, there's none as great as him. In wonders, there's none who does wondrous things as him. Amongst the gods, there's none like him. He is God alone.

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