He Holds Nothing Against You: Gospel Today Devotional - 7th February, 2024

Imagine a child offended his mother for instance, and as a result of the offence, he was to be punished by the mother. The young boy having seen that he had done something wrong which was actually against the mother, and also with the intention to escape such punishment decided to do something. What could have been his decision? To beg the mother, right? To plead for her forgiveness, isn't it? And I know mothers, they do not have hardened hearts, and often times, the plea of their children melt their hearts. Imagine after pleading with the mother, and getting the assurance that he was pardoned, the child continues to live with the guilt of that which he did, and at every slight opportunity seeks his mother's forgiveness. What do you honestly think the issue is?
He Holds Nothing Against You: Gospel Today Devotional - 7th February, 2024

Put in simple terms, it is an issue of unbelief. The reason the child will not come to agree with the fact that he has been forgiven is because he does not believe that he has been forgiven by his mother. It would only be because he didn't believe it when the mother said she had forgiven him, and as well, he may be of the opinion that what he did was very terrible. How could someone forgive him so easily? No, that cannot be possible, and rather than live in that assurance given by his mother that he has been forgiven, he continues to live with the guilt of that which he did. This shouldn't be the case, but as a result of his unbelief, he couldn't leave that position of feeling guilty still for what he did.

This is just a typical representation of most christian believers. The scripture gives an assurance that there's no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, and that if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature with the old nature being taken away, and all things being new, right? How come many still live with guilt even after all these have been said? The Lord will through his word open our eyes to see nothing but the truth today. The passage of scripture to be considered today is seen below,

"To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation". ( 2 Corinthians 5:19).

From the passage of scripture above, it can be said that the world was reconciled back to God through Christ, isn't it? And this we have to first bear in mind as believers, that we have been reconciled through Christ, and that we are now his, and have been translated from darkness to light. Glory to God. It is important we have this knowledge in us so that we can live in this newness of life as it has been given to us by the Lord. The devil however has made many Christians live with so much guilt that even after being assured that they have been forgiven, and are new creatures in Christ Jesus, they still live as though they have not. This ought not to be. Praise God!

Having stated the fact that the world was reconciled to God through Christ, and that as believers, it means we have been reconciled (or have made peace with God) through Christ, we can move on to the very next point, and I would like you to pay close attention to this for it will relieve you of so many troubles. Are we still together? The scripture says, God in reconciling the world through Christ did not impute their trespasses unto them ( that is, to those who were reconciled), and what does that imply? That as soon as they received Jesus as Saviour, and Lord, they were transformed. That nature was taken away. There was a spiritual transaction, and the scripture calls it the passing of death to life. Hallelujah.

They were totally pardoned, and became to him as though they never erred. He no longer held anything against them. They were justified ( declared innocent, and guiltless). You're also one of them. Do not allow the devil lie to you. Do not allow him deceive you, making you feel or think God still count some things against you. He holds nothing against you. In fact, in his eyes, you're free, and now possess his nature. That is now how he sees you. Do not go back seeking for forgiveness over that which he has done because the devil lied to you that he forgave you of some, but didn't forgive you of others. Do not live in guilt anymore for there's therefore now no condemnation (no counting of past offences) to them who are now in Christ Jesus, and glory to God, you are too. Do not live in guilt henceforth for you're now in him, and he holds or counts nothing against you. May these words comfort your hearts. Amen.

Thought for the Day

You are now in Christ. You have been reconciled through him to God. He has justified you. You're now in him a new creature, and he holds nothing against you.

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