5 Kinds of Miracles in the Body of Christ

I once heard someone pray to receive a kind of miracle that would sound like a lie and I wondered what made him say so. In our world today, miracles still happen and when it happens to someone who was formerly written off completely, people begin to marvel and that is when it could sound as a lie. In cases like this, it would take a doubtful Thomas something more than the physical appearance of Jesus to believe that such miracles exist.

Signs, wonders and the working of diverse miracles are a tangible proofs of the manifestations of God's mighty power.


1. The Miracle of Healing

God's Healing power is still available in the name of Jesus Christ and in his blood. This is possible to anyone who believes in him. Healing is the process of becoming healthy again. The fact that Jesus is not physically on earth does not mean there is no more genuine miracle. Jesus Christ while assuring us in John 14:12 said that as long as we believe in Him, we would do the same works that He did and greater works too. By this, we know and see many miracles of healing which convinces us to testify of the healing power in the name and blood of Jesus. There is healing power with Jesus, and it spreads around in healing people. If you are reading this right now and you are ill in some way or want to stand in the gap for someone, be assured that your case cannot be different. God will answer your call and provide you instant healing.

2. The Miracle of Restoration

The purpose of restoration is to make something useful again. Restoration is the act of returning something to its original condition. Jesus, the greatest miracle worker restored some people in the Bible. First, the restoration of Lazarus' life was to proclaim Jesus power over death and for him to be able to continue his good works. Jn.11:38-44. Jesus also restored the life of a widow’s son in Nain in order to make her happy again and disappoint her accusers. Lk 7:11-17

God again, restored Job to life and caused him to recover all his loses in multiple folds. In Job 42, we see the necessity of repentance for the purpose of full restoration. Also, Dorcas, a charitable woman who was full of good works, fell sick and died. Because of good reports she had with men, women, young and old, they cried unto peter for help because they wanted her alive again so she might continue her good works. Peter came in and prayed to God in the name of Jesus and her spirit was restored to her. Acts 9:36-43.  The story of Dorcas teaches us to abound in good works so that when the need arise for people to rally around us, we may receive help in such time. 

God has the power to restore whatever you might have lost if only you are willing to invite Jesus into your situation.

3. The Miracle of Provision and Blessings

The miracle of provision is definite and everlasting, inasmuch the receiver remains and abide in God. The miracle of provision demands obedience to the injunction of God. The Bible in 2nd Thessalonians 3:10b says that if anyone will not work, then he shall not eat. We are also enjoined in Ecclesiasted 9:10 to work well, doing whatever our hands find doing, with all strength. These Biblical examples show us the need to engage ourselves in a godly enterprise no matter how little it may be. God will never bless an idle person. The miracle of provision is not for the lazy. The fact that Isaac was a promised child  didn’t make him fold his arms expecting the miracle of provision, but he worked, he showed and God made him to reap in the same year a hundredfold. The lord blessed him and he began to prosper and became so prosperous that the philistines envied him. Gen. 26:12-14. This is exactly what God wants for me and you when he visits us with his miracle of provision and blessing, but we must sow so that other processes may follow.

Our miracles could be attached to any good work of faith. For this reason, we must be careful in relating with others lest we miss our benefactor or angels. In 1st Kings 17:17-24, remember that Elijah was sent to the widow of Zarephath as an angel of provision and restoration.  Likewise, in one way or the other, God has always provided for his children and he will continue to do so.

4. The Miracle of Salvation

Salvation is the greatest miracle you can ever record in the body of Christ. The miracle of salvation has to do with the transformation of souls from the kingdom of the darkness into the kingdom of light. It covers a wide range of miracles. Miracle of salvation should be the first sought, because in it other miracles are embedded. When the miracle of salvation is received, protection from danger, loss and every other evil is guaranteed. Therefore, let us strive to obtain the miracle of salvation.

How can you receive the Miracle of Salvation?

Let us consider the story of Zacchaeus. He was a chief tax collector and a wealthy man who heard of Jesus and wanted to see Him. He climbed a tree because he wanted to see Jesus, obeyed Jesus' command and welcomed Jesus into his house gladly. His portfolio before he met Jesus included te fact that he was accused a sinner/ When he met Jesus, Zacchaeus confessed his sins and made restitution.He was saved and free from guilt. From here, we can see the determination and humility from a wealthy man who desires to see Jesus at all cost.

Satan is trying all possible means to keep you away from Jesus but you have to strive hard to get in touch with him at all cost.

What Does This Imply? 

  • Determine to know Jesus.
  • Humbly forget your status to seek him. 
  • Do not permit the crowd (worldly things) to stop you. 
  • Do all you can to have contact with Jesus. 
  • Gladly welcome him into your heart. 
  • Confess your sins to him. 
  • Prayerfully make restitution where you need to.
  • Determine never to go back to your old way of life.
  • Determine to know GOD by meditating in his word and fellowship with the saints.

Having done all these, you’re saved from being lost forever. As always, it is a great miracle for a cast away sinner to become a disciple of a holy man. The rules of mathematics are changed here because although two parallel lines can never meet, in Christ’ formula for salvation, two parallel line can meet. A holy man meets with a sinner and transformed him for a better use.

When you receive the miracle of salvation, transformation has to follow and there must be a change from your former way of life. As you are grow into the newness of life in Christ Jesus, self denial is required of you in order to accommodate the Holy Spirit that is coming to live in you, so as to maintain and sustain your salvation.

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