8 Uncommon Bible Names You'd find in Nigeria Today

8 Uncommon Bible Names You'd find in Nigeria Today

There are different Bible names that are rare in our society today and most times, there are many reasons why it is so. One major reason why some names are uncommon today is because the Bible character who bore that name probably had some funny, undesirable lifestyle. Take for example, while we already know that the name Jabez means son of sorrow and the average Nigerian parent would not dare name their that,  Judas on the other hand means "God be praised". Now, people bear these names, but most times, it is one out of hundred persons. In today's Christian Metro, fun and lifestyle series, we have compiled a list of uncommon Bible names you can choose from.

1. Ozias

In Matthew 1:8-9 the name Ozias or Osias which is of Greek origin is a variant of the name given to King Uzziah. The first day, I saw the nickname "Ozzie", I assumed it was an Igbo name (because it sounds like one) and honestly didn't think it was a shortened form of Ozias. This is one very uncommon name from the Bible. Ozias means "salvation" or "God is my strength". It is an unusual name that will stay on the lips of many people once they love it - Of course, everyone wants to have God as their strength.

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2. Mordecai

Originating from Hebrew, the name Mordecai means "follower of Marduk", the patron god of Babylon. the Babylonian king of the gods, who presided over justice, compassion, healing, regeneration, magic, and fairness, although he is also sometimes referenced as a storm god and agricultural deity. The name, Mordecai, although it has a noble heritage, has never caught on in this country, because of its rather weighty image. You may read our article on 5 Lessons from the Life of Mordecai to see insghts into his life and time.

3. Lazarus

Of Latinized Greek Origin, the name Lazarus is a variation of Hebrew name, Eleazar which means "God is my helper". Lazarus is a name that looks could possibly be raised from the dead, just like its biblical bearer. Whenever I hear the name, I used to imagine some Old Testament revivalists and prophets with very  long-beards and my head pictures a friend to Noah, Moses, and Abraham. The first person I know who bore the name is Pastor Lazarus Muoka, but that was until I met Apostle Femi Lazarus at the Latter Rain Conference in 2019. Since then, the name has shown up in my face many times and it is a really great name for male children.

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4. Keturah

In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Keturah is Incense, fragrance and sacrifice. The name Keturah is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Incense. Abraham's second wife in the Old Testament. A name commonly used by Puritans after the Reformation. 

5. Boaz

Meaning "strength or swiftness", Boaz is a name you barely see a Nigerian tag with. It's a sweet name for a man from whose lineage Jesus Christ was born, being the husband of Ruth in Ruth 3:1, So if you are led by God and can convince your spouse, it’s a great name for a male child too.

6. Ephraim

Ephraim is a name of Hebrew Origin which means to be fruitful, fertile, productive. Ephraim is an Old Testament name that though may seem neglected, holds many Biblical possibilities. It is an unusually solid but not solemn name and the few people that bear it consciously should take time to study Genesis 48:10-22 to know the effects of Jacob's blessing on Ephraim (the younger brother) over Manasseh, the elder brother. It’s a really cool name for a male child in our generation.

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7. Zebedee (Gift of God)

I saw a gaming-fun video by the Winlos where they were asked to mention names that begin with “Z” from the Bible and Pastor Ohis Muyiwa Ojeikere mentioned “Zebrudiah”😏😅. Mind you, Zebrudiah is not a Bible name as it’s a name from a popular Nigerian TV series that showed on screens many years ago. On the other hand, Pastor Anwinli got the name “Zebedee” 😀😃

Zebedee is an adorable and unusual New Testament name--which may sound like but is not a contradiction in terms. Unlike some of the longer biblical Z-names, Zebedee has a more lighthearted usability, with its gleeful ee-ending. And Zeb makes a fabulous nickname.

8. Abel

Abel is a name of Hebrew origin which means: "breath". It is the name of Adam and Eve's unfortunate younger son, compensates with positive connotations: capable, competent, ready and willing.  Sadly, many people will refuse this name because of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Biblical Abel’s death. The only Nigerian with the name that I’ve ever met came my way in Junior Secondary school and ironically, he was a strong guy who could beat up any “Cain” that came his way. His parents made sure he didn’t cut his hair as their church gave a prophecy at his birth that he’d be a “Nazarite”. So you see, Abel is still a really great name for a male child today.

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The process of naming children takes so much and you don’t want to give your children problems in the future. I know many people today who complain about their names and talk about how “less creative” their parents were while giving them names. As a new parent, it is not enough for your child’s name to be uncommon or unique - it’s far better for the name to carry a prophetic destiny. I’d advise that you prayerfully choose names for your children and engage proper research while you do.





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