Ablaze by Peculiar Olujobi

Ablaze by Peculiar Olujobi
The fire is kindled
It cannot, be mishandled
It is burning fervently
And this is permanently,

Upon an altar,
This fire burns
From, the father,
It has, descended

The fire, has descended to purify,
As It lands, on the altar,
the altar, moves with vigour
and happiness as the fire descends on it

The Altar now burns,
Tirelessly, tirelessly.
Like a wild fire, it spreads to others
So they too become, burning Altars

Like the youths do say,when in love
"My heart is on fire for you!"
So this altar feels also,
and expresses it's passion,
burning, tirelessly, tirelessly to show  
how much love, he has for the father,
from whom the fire descended

The burning Altars are not like the cold
Altars that only look in admiration and refuse
to be set Ablaze.
The burning Altars will burn
permanently and will set other Altars

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  1. The burning altars will burn permanently and will set other altars ablaze.

    Kaya 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Wonder, the fire will continue to kindle

  3. I love this. God bless you more for this wonderful piece

  4. On a second read, I see the depth of this.

    It's a sign of a revival. There's a wind of fire that'll come and ignite every cold altar.

    It's the times of refreshing we have been praying for.

  5. We will burn and set altars ablaze

  6. Simply put, we are the burning altars!

  7. Great and interesting!!

  8. This literally made me had goosebumps, I had to read it twice!

  9. Wow!!! This is really beautiful. LORD help me be a burning altar... that'll burn permanently and set others ablaze for YOU ������

  10. This is really amazing!!! May The LORD set our altars ablaze for HIM

  11. Lord set us ablaze for you in all ramifications

  12. This is amazing!.🥰
    May God set us ablaze🙌

  13. Amazing!!!

    He shows his unlimited love as the fire continues to burn tirelessly

  14. We reign like tongues on ��
    Fire.Wonderful write up

  15. The burning altar that kindles others🔥🔥🔥🔥

    More grace!

  16. Grace N Michael26 March 2022 at 15:46

    Amazing and powerful piece!
    Well-done peculiar

  17. Amazing piece dear

  18. Amazing, more grace


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