Burning Altar by Ajibade Taiwo Festus

Burning Altar by Ajibade Taiwo Festus

Altar according to Leviticus chapter 6, it is a physical monument, a place where God meet his people, a place where people have personal encounter with God.

What is an altar ?  

An altar is a place of encounter, a place of worship, a place of covenant, a place of intercession.
Altar is a place of encounter (Acs 3:1-6) explain how Peter and John were going to the temple at the hour of prayer, on their way they met a crippled man who was laid at the gate of the temple each day. Simply means that the crippled man always carried to the gate to beg everyday for gift from people but when he met John and Peter he thought of the same thing will happen to receive gifts from them but when peter said, silver, gold (money) we do not have, I have more than gifts to give you, the man focus more on them. By the name of Jesus of Nazareth, Walk.

An encounter operate during the season of prayer, something has to be done in the realm of the spirit before encounter and when encounter occured it happen extraordinarily, something beyond imagination. Encounter has to do with manifestation of powers.

When prayer is a service, the result has to be the manifestation of power called encounter. It is so important that one build an altar of encounter to experience the atmosphere of burning altar according to (Luke chapter 4 )and Jesus was full and control but the Holy Spirit after forty days in the wilderness, He was tested by the devil for the manifestation of power to be revealed through the scriptures. The devil cannot forget what He experience through the journey, verses 14 &15 explain how Holy Spirit led Jesus to Galilee and He conducted teaching in synagogues and the bible says He was recognized, honour and praise by all.

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Same applicable to every one of us when we build a burning altar like Jesus, we will dwell completely in the presence of God because building an alter transform or change lives. An encounter in the bible according to leviticus 6 introduce a physical monuments where people can see and touch that must be clean and Holy for God to dwell.

Nowadays, Altar can be establish in our heart, as we all know that altar was introduced as physical monuments in the old testament but Jesus Christ sent Holy Spirit as a comforter to build a strong altar with our heart where everyone can worship and have access to the things of heaven and hidden treasures on their own. Our heart is now the temple of God. 

Since altar can be in any form, covid-19 revealed the status of believers and unbelievers, people who are vibrant in the church of God, who altars are burning every day before covid-19 pandemic find themselves relent in the things of God purposely because the world is full of worries and anxiety, people were depressed and were concerned with what to eat and drink, what to wear, concern with the things of this world but neglect seeking the kingdom of God first. Covid-19 pandemic period in whole world should be a time believers and unbelievers should be more connected to God, intercede for people, win more souls to Christ, continue everyday to make the fire burning. It was seen that many people find their altars quench because no place of worship, many people believe that only church is a most temple they can worship but God is expecting us to build a strong relationship with Him confessing that Jesus is Lord and believing that God raised Jesus from the dead. Through this we will know Him more daily.  


1. Genuine Salvation/Hunger for the presence of God: Build a burning altar required a consistent devotion with God where we can draw from God at all times. In the book of 1 King's chapter 5, we will see how Solomon was hunger to build the temple of God because he understand that in the presence of God there is fullness of joy. During coronavirus pandemic period we should be eager to live in His presence in our heart to enjoy the fullness of joy. 

2. Prayer/Study the word of God: A prayerless christian is a powerless christian. It is most necessary to build a burning altar on the foundation of prayer and the word of God, the word of God is a light unto our feet. Be eager to present yourself to God approved to the knowledge of His will. A person who is prayerless has no power of his/her own to overcome. Christians must know their dominion over things of this world. Prayer/word of God is most compulsory to build a burning altar.

3. Fill with the Holy Spirit
: Many altar were disconnected from God purposely because their altars are not fill with much of Holy Spirit, the bible says those who have the mindset of the spirit do things of the spirit and those who do the things of the flesh have the mindset of the flesh. Covid-19 pandemic revealed a lot of worries that made people to lose focus in dwelling in the presence of God in their heart. It compulsory we invite Holy Spirit to dwell in our heart to build a burning altar everyday.

4. Faith with Holiness:
(Heb 11:5-8) By faith we can build altar that will please God to see what is yet to come, faith make us to wait patiently with God by believing. For our father in heaven is Holy likewise in building a burning altar for God in our heart we must be holy. Our Faith to please and believe Him must be holy and not faith that doubt His will. Holiness is important in building a burning altar because God dwell in our body and our body is the temple of God (Psalms 99:9).


1. Victory over flesh and sin: Dominion has given to us in the name of Jesus Christ over satan, demons, fear, sin, lack, sickness and diseases(covid-19) Hallelujah!!! Now that we know our dominion status; Now we are in Christ, In God's kingdom, we rule and reign by the word, speaking word of God consistently Jesus had victory over satan (AS IT IS WRITTEN).

2. Humility and Meekness: A heart of humility God want as His dwelling temple, someone who will listen, obey and believe whatever He says, someone who is humble and meek in character and behavior, not an arrogant person who God will instruct to do certain things and still remind God that this is 21st century. Such an altar will quench over night.

3. Manifestation of the power of God: Manifestation of the power of God is the purpose and destiny of every born again believers. The glory that will be reveal in us. Manifestation of the mind and the will of God, manifestation of supernatural divine being to a hunan body. Each of us created by four spiritual gifts to build altar acceptable to God.

√ inner vision
√ inner thought
√ inner knowing (prophecy)
√ inner feelings (healing)
All these gifts are use not only to ourselves but to help others.
4. Walking in love towards all.
5. Discipline and self control.

What are those things that are taking the place of God in your heart? One thong we must fight for either on our personal, family or church altar in this dispensation of the spirit of entertainment and pleasure, which is taking over the altar most especially during covid-19 lockdown that every where was boring and dull. The spirit of entertainment and pleasure has taken over many lives/heart, what we want now is things of the world not things of God, some people are still living under the shadow of covid-19 lockdown. It is hardly you will see radio and TV station shows christian programmes/films except on Sunday morning or festive period like Christmas, Easter etc. We are digging our pitfall by ourselves because of pleasure, many times I will checked people's phone shocking to see over 60 comedy videos kept just to entertain themselves. All this quench the spirit when they can't spend quality time in the presence of God instead they are creating time to listen to ringtones made with sexual tones. We must get rid of the foreign gods and allow the King of glory to take His rightful place in our heart as we build a burning altar as we await the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
COMMON PITFALL: Sin, Love of money, Discouragement, Unforgiveness, Procrastination, Lack of faith, Gossip, Talking against men and women of God.

In conclusion, we must pay attention to our spiritual life. Life is spiritual, everything that happens to you in life has happened in the spirit realm, when your altar is burning every day, God will send His message to you in any of this classification of altars Personal, Family, Church of God (through your Reverend, Pastors, Deacons, Choir minsters etc) when your altar is burning every day, no false prophets/teaching will mislead you because of Holy Spirit dwelling on your heart, He will teach and direct your path to right places, smooth all rough places and turn your darkness into light.

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