Burning Altars by Adebayo David

Burning Altars by Adebayo David
"What is wrong with Ken?" Beryl asked herself as she sat alone in her bedroom, recalling all that had happened earlier that day. "He has just changed! He's not the Ken I knew before the lockdown. This is an entirely different person."

Beryl was so lost in thought that she didn't realise that her mother had walked in. Mrs. Jacobson had been knocking, but her daughter didn't open the door so she had to open the door herself. She met Beryl sitting, lost in whatever she was thinking about.
"What is it this time?" Mrs. Jacobson asked.
Only then did Beryl realise that there was someone else in the room.
"Mother," Beryl said, straightening herself, "I didn't know you were back. Good evening, Ma."
"How are you? And how was your meeting?"
Beryl nodded. "I'm fine, Mom. The meeting went well, too."
Mrs. Jacobson suspected that her daughter was holding back. "Are you sure?" she asked, tilting her neck and narrowing her eyes.
"Mom, you won't believe what happened today!" Beryl blurted.
"Well, tell me all about it."
Beryl nodded and continued. She went on the tell her mother all that happened during the Valiant Christian Youth Fellowship meeting that evening, and what transpired afterwards. She told her mother about Ken's outrageous display during the executives' meeting.
"Today's meeting was the third meeting after we resumed from our long break," Beryl said. "Ken missed the first two meetings. After service, we were having the excos meeting when the president, Daniel, asked him to step forward. Daniel simply asked why he missed the previous meetings and refused to speak to anyone the whole time. Do you know what Ken did?"
"What did he do?" 
Beryl stood up to give her mother a proper demonstration. "He said, 'Who are you to question me?'" Beryl was dramatic as she spoke. "I couldn't believe my ears," she went on, "because I wasn't sure it was actually happening."
"Are you for real?" Mrs. Jacobson asked, looking surprised.
"Yes," Beryl answered and sat beside her mother. "He then went on to say that he was fed up. He accused the Valiant Christian Youth Fellowship of indoctrinating its members. He said that our eyes have not been opened to new things and we're enslaved by following the archaic ways of our fathers."
Mrs. Jacobson's eyes widened. "He said that?"
"Yes, he did. He said that he was tired of our fellowship. Mom, he called our fellowship stupid. Can you imagine?  He said that he only attended today because his father forced him to, and he came to tell us that he was officially done."
Mrs. Jacobson sighed. "My God!" she said, shaking her head.
"Now we have to appoint a new secretary. The assistant has been doing well in his absence. Maybe she'll just become the secretary anyway," Beryl concluded.
"When his father came here, I actually didn't know it was this bad," Mrs. Jacobson said.
"His father came here?"
"Yes, he did. That was just last week. He came to tell your father about him. He said that ever since the lockdown came to an end, it's been a struggle persuading Ken to come to church. He complained that his son would always argue and grumble all the time whenever it's time to go to church. He said that Ken accused him of not giving him enough freedom to serve God as he pleased."
"Hmm... Ken also told his father that there's no reason to come to church for services when he could just connect virtually to several ministers at his own convenience. He said that his parents prayed too loud and for too long."
"Jesus! This is serious!" Beryl exclaimed. "Now, I shouldn't be surprised about what happened today, should I?"
"You shouldn't be surprised. But you should learn," Mrs. Jacobson replied.
"Tell me, Mom, what should I learn?"
"I'll tell you," answered Mrs. Jacobson. "You cannot expect everyone to remain the same after several months of lockdown, especially without going to church. The pandemic has come and gone. However, its works remain. The pandemic was like a demonic pregnancy. It birthed many evil babies – backsliding, spirit of prayerlessness, drug abuse and addiction, serious immorality and sexual perversion, and many others. Ken is suffering right now as a result of one of the evil babies, which is backsliding."

Beryl gasped. "Wow, that's really it, Mom!"
"Right now, what you can really do to help him is to pray for him. He needs prayers. We have to pray that God makes him realise that he's not doing things right. We need to pray for God to rekindle the fire in his heart," Mrs. Jacobson said.
"True, Ma. And we shall also be praying for the many others who might have been affected negatively by the aftereffects of the pandemic period," Beryl responded.

"Yes, my daughter," Mrs. Jacobson agreed. "Many young ones and adults, as a result of being too idle and too free, got exposed to a whole lot of wrong things. The enemy was able to subtly work his way into people's hearts. The Bible says in Romans ten-seven that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. It also says in Proverbs chapter twenty-seven, in verse seventeen, that as iron sharpens iron, so does a man sharpen the countenance of his friend. Need I say more?"
"No, Mom. I understand you clearly," Beryl said. Rising, she continued, "The devil might have been doing this for other people, but he's made a grave mistake this time around. He has tried to overwhelm my friend, but he has failed. This is because my friends and I are for signs and wonders. We are children of light, and darkness cannot comprehend us."
Before they knew what was happening, what started as a discussion progressed into hours of praying endlessly.
The next day was a Sunday. After the discussion and prayer with her mother the previous night, Beryl prayed. She prayed like never before. She eventually prayed until it was five in the morning, meaning that she had no sleep and had to start preparing for church. As one of the ushers, there was no way she could afford to get to church late.
Service came and went, but Ken did not. Beryl was very disappointed. While she was ushering everyone to their seat as they arrived, she was praying for Ken to show up. She had planned out in her head what she was going to do if he were there. She had rehearsed what she was going to say to him on her way to church with the hope that God would speak to him through her.
As soon as Beryl got home that Sunday, she picked her phone and called Ken. His phone rang several times, but he didn't answer. Beryl stopped calling after hours of getting no response. She, however, wasn't discouraged. She went on to continue praying for him.
On Friday, which was counselling day for the church members, Ken came to the Jacobsons' house. Mr. Jacobson was the senior pastor of their church, so the counselling held every Friday in his counselling room. Several people came for counselling that Friday, and Ken was the last person to be attended to.
After over forty-five minutes, Ken came out of the counselling room. Beryl, who had been anxious the whole period, was in the parlour, waiting for him to show up. When Ken got to her, she stood to greet him. She didn't want to make it seem like she was really eager to speak to him, but she couldn't control herself either.
"Ken, what is wrong?" Beryl asked after realising that Ken was sobbing.
Through his sobbing, Ken replied, "I am sorry, Beryl. I don't know what came over me."
Beryl listened eagerly as he narrated to her everything that happened to him. Ken told her that after about one month into the lockdown, his life started changing. He waxed cold and started becoming disinterested in spiritual things.
"My friends were all making money during the period," Ken said, "but there I was, sitting in my father's house. I had no job and I couldn't get anything to do remotely. As a result of my frustration, I started getting tired. I became angry with everyone. I was angry that my father only talked about praying and interceding for others all day long. I was always angry whenever he said that we have to use the period to recharge and gain more spiritual power. I..."
"It is okay, Ken. I understand you more than you know. I really do. God opened my eyes, and I'm glad he opened yours, too. So, what prompted you to come see Pastor Jacobson today?"
"Well, I thank God for not leaving me. I thank God because the fire which was already becoming just embers as rekindled suddenly. I don't know what happened, but after the incidence on Saturday, I was very restless. That night, in my dream, God spoke to me!" Ken started to sob again, more loudly this time.
"Wow! What did He tell you?"
"Hmm... He scolded me. He took me to the book of Revelation chapter Three and told me to strengthen what remains..."
"That are ready to die," Beryl added.
"Yes. He told me to find my lost first love. He said that I should take heed lest I fall."
"This is amazing!" Beryl exclaimed. "Thank you, Jesus!"
"It was after the encounter that I realised that I had been foolish all along. I gave place to the devil, and he started quenching the fire of God in my spirit. If not for God, who doesn't want me to perish, what would have become of me? Can you imagine? I even insulted the executives at the Valiant Christian Youth Fellowship on Saturday. I was arrogant to people whose altars were burning fervently, while the fire in mine was already dying. Ah!" Ken said, shedding tears.
"It's okay..."
"Lord, I'm sorry. I don't even know where to start from. Pastor counselled me. He said that I should trace my steps back to the Lord. He then told me that I should read Leviticus six-twelve and pray to God to set the altar of my heart on fire again."

"And the fire upon the altar shall be burning in it; it shall not be put out. Hallelujah!" Beryl said.
They spoke for more than an hour before they prayed together. They prayed in the Holy Ghost for more than thirty minutes. After praying, Ken left, with new hope that his altar had been set on fire again.

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