Burning Altars by Popoola Emmanuel Ayomide

Burning Altars by Popoola Emmanuel Ayomide

It glitters, it's gold!
There's more to it yet to unfold.
I know it's thine,
I'll make it mine.
Even if you’ll shed tears, I'll be fine.

Why calling scarlet white!
wrong itself can't say that's right.
Lies now run at it highest speed,
on wrong we sleep and on lies we feed.
It's inborn, you don't teach a Kid.

Yes my sin wears scarlet,
always blinded by "no one is perfect".
In the pool of sin there I dwell,
now carrying guilt like a priceless jewel.
Iniquity now a routine, all isn't well.

My conscience no longer finds rest,
now struggling like one preparing for a test,
can I find mercy, I have tried my best.
The life’s I have wronged now seek me,
 There is no refuge unless you forgive me.

My actions hurt you, that I know.
With rue I'm on my knees don't say no.
Now to the one who holds breath,
in thy hands lies life and death,
in thee the earth finds her strength.

To thee, no closet  is hidden,
in secret, we've swallowed the forbidden.
My vices are much, I know I have falter,
To the lamb, all my sins I utter.
Alas! there's still light on the burning alter.



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