Dying Embers by Gideon Promise

 Dying Embers by Gideon Promise

Where are the coals?
Where are the souls, I ask?
The ignited and ignitable souls,
The capable souls for birthing new souls,
The purified altars for burning.
Oh flames, where are your altars?!

Youths are yielding,
Men are falling,
Vibrant youths are sinking.
The infallible ones are falling,
The pressures mounting, irresistible,
Piercing through the impenetrable souls.

Bowing and yielding to the pressures:
The beclouding pressures of iniquities,
The seemingly pleasures of the moment.
They seem to forget how the faithful fellows handled similar pressures.
They consider not the ways of the unyielding and chaste Joseph,
All forms of chastity they neglect.

Known to many as the upright one,
One whose innocent look removes all doubts,
Whose deeds make him one approved.
He is good, this says,
Oh, what a chaste being, another says!
But, little do they know.
They know nothing of the dying zeal.

To you this is said, o youthful one:
Choose not to conform.
To the overwhelming pressures,
The momentary pleasures of life,
Choose not to bow.
A light you are, shine!
Radiate the great and marvelous light.
Keep the fire burning!
Emit the flames, let the coals burn.



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