The Apostles by Daniel Thomas

The Apostles by Daniel Thomas

"Enough...", the Sanhedrin chorused. "... you are problematic on this Jesus religion and we told you that He isn't the Messiah. Only God is ultimate and anyone who defies this is definitely blaspheming against the Most High!", the High Priest who was the presiding judge said. To be honest, he was one of the most respected men in the city.

John replied, "Sirs, we hail you and greet you but one truth is that Jesus is the son of God and He has given us this mission and told us all we need to know. Now we know the truth.."

Peter then cut, "Yes sirs, we know the truth. You killed our brother Stephen so that people will serve you instead of God whom you claim to serve. You destroyed everything biblical, including the schools built by our ministry Synagogue of Heaven Ministry (SHM). We must speak, sirs, for that's...".

"Enough of this. Guards take them." The High Priest commanded.

With this, the Sanhedrin arrested the preachers and locked them up in the prison. They were accussed of going against authority and were locked up in the deepest prison yard where they were chained to the wall with their hands at the back of the wall. Despite the chains, they were singing and praising God. That night, an angel visited them and said, "Do not be afraid, for the Lord is with thee".

The following morning was a gloomy morning for the Sanhedrin. They thought on ways to punish the apostles and to make their lives miserable. A Sanhedrin, Margus suggested they should be banished into the Patmos, a place of no return. They argued, some suggested they be killed, others supported Sahedrin Margus.

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At last, it was decided that they should be banished to the evil Patmos. They were brought of the prison and given their punishments.  They were banished with immediate effect. They were very happy to the horror and shock of the Sanhedrin. As they were led to the Forbidden Patmos, they were singing, "Wherever he leads, I go"

The land of Patmos was when John wrote the Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ where he was shown 2,000 revelations about heaven, the end time and judgment. This is actually the story of my fellow Christian brother John. I am Luke, a physician and I am on trial now.

I have little to say but let me say, for time won't permit me to say what's unnecessary. My friends (or should I say brothers) were pupils of Saint John Primary School and received revelations from Jesus after they were done there (this occurred when they were fishermen due to financial incapability of paying for secondary school). Jesus then told them that they had a joint ministry- Synagogue of Heaven Assembly. They got prepared for 2 solid years and started. They held crusades, did works and miracles for God, suffered in prison, tempted, emotionally offended, mistreated and insulted but they never gave up- they still held unto God, even better than before. As I speak, Brother John and Brother Peter are dead!!! Nonetheless, they lived lives for us to emulate and speak of till the end of time.

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