The Burning Altar by Iteye Oghenemairo

The Burning Altar by Iteye Oghenemairo


And the fire upon the altar shall be burning in it; it shall not be put out: and the priest shall burn wood on it every morning, and lay the burnt offering in order upon it; and he shall burn thereon the fat of the peace offerings.


The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ brought about change in the location of God's alter. This location is the life of a believer, who is a child of God.

What are the importance of fire?

It serves as light
How important is Light?

It is so important that God had to create it before He could start any major work for His creation (Genesis 1:3). Before God can start any work in a believer's life there must be light existing in his or her life.

Who is this Light?

Genesis 1:4-9 describes this Light to be "JESUS"

This light is so important in two ways

a. God needs it to start a work in a believers life and to keep the work going because He does not operate in darkness

b. Taking away the light from a Christian life is all what the devil needs to destroy that Christian relationship with God.
Jesus explained in Mathew 12:29 that before a man can spoil a strong man goods, he must first bind the strong man, then spoil his goods. As a believer we have Only one strong man inside of us and His Name is Jesus who is our light and who is the Word of God(John 1:1). The only thing the devil needs whenever he wants to attack a Christian is to takeaway and bound the strong man(Jesus/Light/Word of God) in that believers life. A perfect example is Judas Iscariot. This man performed signs and wonders through the authority Jesus gave him but he was later seen to have betrayed Jesus. One weapon Satan used in destroying Judas was to keep him to busy with the treasury work and drifted him away from the time Jesus gave His sermons and teachings(John 13).

It drives away pest and wild Animals
After Satan succeeded in drifting Judas from the fire, pests began to come in which included pleasure for things of this world and love for money.

It serves as a light to others around you.
Romans 2:19 shows that we are light for those in darkness. Therefore if the fire quenches from a believer's life, then that believer will cause darkness around him and his people and leading them into destruction,that is, sin. For example All because of Judas betrayal, it lead the Jews to crucify Jesus and also cause their generation. Remember Jesus said "He that causes his Neighbour to sin as the greater sin".

How can i get my alter to burn?

Act 1:3 says that only God the Spirit can put a coal of fire on a believer and John 14:6 says no one can access the Father except through Jesus. The first step to get your alter burning is to come to Jesus if you have not accepted Him as your personal Lord and Saviour or if you are still living a life of sin. After coming to Jesus, then you will be able to access the Father who gives every believer a coal of fire, then it is up to you to add your fire woods and fuel in order to keep the fire continually burning and increase the voltage( Leviticus 6:12). This can be done through a life of Holiness, prayer, praise, faith and the Word of God.

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