The Burning Altars by Oluwafunmilayo Ayobami

The Burning Altars by Oluwafunmilayo Ayobami

I know a place under the Cedar tree
Where Father Jacob made a pillow out of stones
There, stones were arranged in three’ s
A blazing flame kindled in the middle.
Graced with a ladder in the altar in heaven abode.

Father Abraham once owned this altar
Where he easily reached out to the Maker
Every seed of his, numerous as the galaxies of the stars
In quest of heavenly crown, must have not just any altar
But a burning altar,with the light never out.

King Solomon advised to keep the altar sacred.
Prophet Moses preached keeping the fire ever burning.
The Messiah taught on harbouring a reserved fuel.
Through all escapades of life
Sojourning upon the valleys and mountains.
Preponderantly, the fire on the altar must keep burning.
How do I keep my altar burning?

Your altar
A thesi where you can reach Jehovah
Communicate with Him,as to a Father
Through the bi- portal route in your heart.
Dwelling in His Place.
Being a shining Light in this dark world
Laying woods on the altar.

Like the wise virgins, how well are you prepared?
Prepared for the Bridegroom’s coming
Are your lamps well-fueled?
Is your altar still burning?
Or are you among the foolish ones?
Primo aldephos, you should always keep the fire burning.


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