Unimpeachable Sacred (The Burning Altar) by Hiral Lathia

Unimpeachable Sacred (The Burning Altar) by Hiral Lathia

Mammoth holy books, Enormous congregation,
Every verse, Every pious,
Convey alike sacred,
Ere or Now,
The ‘God’ reiterates pure verses,

For humans are busy,
Perfunctory and strain,
Bottleneck roads,
No serene nature,
Humans are lost in labyrinth,

Nupitals and confetti,
Cavacade and graveyards,
These cherubic faces,
They lack inner-peace,
A tranquility from within,
For ‘one-self’, for ‘self-love’,  


Walking down the aisle,
Phases brings one to dotage,
Dotage rings a bell to spiritual altar,
An altar which was lost,


Wee hours till shadows grow long,
One defers to savor God’s presence,
Vagaries adapting our lives,
Lest, camaraderie of Almighty is a plethora,
For verses of Leviticus also say,


God converse directly to devotees,
For one must, listen and hear because,
A herculean effort to spiritual talk,
Wends one’s way to virtues, keeping sins and demons away,
The burning altar, the sagacious path.  


Every body, Every human soul on earth,
Swerving with zillions of demonic thoughts,
Shaking hands with negative people,
Must keep an altar burning,  


For this burning altar,
Holds the power of positivity,
The power of Almighty’s love,
The embrace of positivity in the fire of altar,
Let the souls acquiesce to the Almighty’s words,
Play a hunch to the unsaid, unheard inner-peace,


Cut through the morning Minnie,
Immerse few hours to the ‘Creator’,
Be a sagacious man, lilt the real verses,
Let’s rejig our lives to the good books content.    


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