4 Types of Late Comers to Church Services

If you did not see them last Sunday or this, you will definitely see them in the next church service you attend. These people are the Church Time Defaulters or you may say, late comers and today, we are bringing you different types of late comers to a church service.

4 Types of Late Comers to Church Services

1. The Never Ashamed/ No- Remorse Gang

As their tag depicts, these guys confidently walk into services even though they are aware that their entry is beyond the usual time. They usually stroll into the church with all audacity. Sometimes, you want to shout at them - "Uncle! Will you walk fast?". If you fall in this category, well, we know its your father's house, but you no try at all.

2. The Specific Moment Gang

These ones either want to be a part of the thanksgiving, praise session, pastor's sermon or some other part of the service. They are the "accurate time-keepers" and they know the exact time Apostle Emmanuel Iren will preach so they will only come for that.

3. The Beauty Pageant Gang

Every church has a Mr/Miss "Name of Church"  and usually, the people who hold this title are strategic latecomers. This is because their late coming is pre-meditated and flawlessly planned. They either spend all the time doing their makeup, tying their gele (headgear) or shoelaces like they are going for a pageant so they end up arriving late. No doubt, they appear in all elegance, but that lateness to church is a big turn off.

4. The Always Late Gang

These team is made up of those who can actually get to their wedding after everything is over. Name it... They are always late for EVERYTHING and could even be late for the rapture (😐). Funny enough, they rush into church and try to settle for a seat in the front row - As per reservation? No be like that sister.

God respects time and expects us to be disciplined as believers. So, while we are glad you had fun and enjoyed this Christian Metro article on the different types of church late-comers, please ensure that you live a live of discipline and keep obedience to time when you attend church.

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