The One Who is With Us: Gospel Today Devotional - 27th April, 2024

We are secure in the hands of the One whom no man can fight against. He is the Almighty, and truly no man can contend with him. The Lord by his great power destroyed Pharaoh and his armies, delivered Jehoshaphat and the children of Judah. He alone can take on thousands of armies, and there's none too mighty for him. How I pray that we will get to see the might of the Lord indeed such that our soul does safely trust in him.


The One WHo is With Us: Gospel Today Devotional - 27th April, 2024

The Bible in 2 Kings chapter 6 gives an account of God's servant and prophet, Elisha. Some people had come with chariots and horses to take him. His servant became frightened when he saw them but the prophet Elisha was not, but only prayed that God opened the eyes of his servant. The Lord did open his eyes, and he saw they were not alone but were compassed about by an heavenly host.

Why didn't Elisha panic? Why wasn't he afraid? What gave him so much confidence? Because he saw him who is invisible. He saw the Lord of hosts, whose armies cannot be numbered for multitude, and hence wasn't worried. Why? The scripture below explains better.

"The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah."(Psalm 46:11).

He knew that the Lord of hosts was with him. The great Commander of the heavenly armies. He knew the battle was won already. There was no need to panic. He must have thought, who can battle with the Lord of hosts? Why should I be afraid when the God of Jacob is my refuge? There's nothing to worry about. This man called Elisha knew who he served and whose servant he was.

Aren't we afraid when we're faced with certain situations as believers? Don't we panic when we hear certain things? Many times we say we love, trust and believe the Lord to help us, but when faced with real life situations, we forget our profession. This is a call to not just remember that God is powerful but to ever rely on his might. Our God is mighty to save. Remember brothers, and sisters that the Lord of hosts is the Lord we serve, and that the God of Jacob is indeed our refuge, and so trust in him at all times. The Lord of hosts is the one we have with us. May the Lord bless his word in our hearts. Amen.

Thought for the day: Our God is mighty to save and there's no battle too difficult for him nor is anyone stronger than him, for he is the Lord of hosts.

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