Fiery Desire by Bamidele Imisioluwa Deborah

Dear Lord,
Starve our passions
That we may desire you only,
Give us your holy wine
That is free from debauchery
And flows from your throne
That we may never drink from another cup
Your holy wine, O Lord
That will expunge our decadence
And full us with your power
That we may never tarry from your presence.

Our hearts hanker for you, alone, Lord
Heathens are smitten by sensuality
But we are smitten by your power, Lord
Your presence has become an addiction
Your words have become our templates
Our bones are burning
Our eyes bleed fire
Keep us in your confines, Lord
And grant us no leave
We desire nothing more, Lord

We have pledged our lives as a sacrifice
Rid us of our pleasures
That your power be aglow in us, Lord
Set our hearts ablaze
Soak us in your dunamis
And fill the core of our spirits
We desire nothing more but your presence
You are the altar, Lord
And our body is the sacrifice.

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