You Need Not Be Afraid: Gospel Today Devotional - 24th April, 2024

Written in the Scripture are promises from God to us. Over, and over again, we have seen how that God promised a thing, and then brought it to pass. Indeed God's promises are in him yea, and Amen. Let's begin to take note of some of the promises made to the saints of old, and how that God who made such promises was able to fulfill them. Do you remember the story of Abraham? Do you remember the promise of God to him concerning his son Isaac? Did that come to pass or not? Of course, it came to pass. How about that which he said concerning the children of Israel? Did he fulfill the promise or not? Yes, he did.

You Need Not Be Afraid: Gospel Today Devotional - 24th April, 2024

This is to tell you therefore that when the Lord promises to do a thing, he brings it to pass. God does not promise, and fail. This is one out of the many reasons he cannot be compared to man. Men in many ways may promise a thing, and later be unable to do that which they promise to do but God who honours his word will never do that. And if he has so promised you anything as we will be seeing in our study today, I want you to know for sure that he is able to do that which indeed he has promised to do. Praise the Lord!

Just as God made promises to men as of old, the same God hasn't changed as he is also making promises to men today, and not just making promises but at the same time bringing those promises to pass in the lives of men. I am a living testimony, and I am sure you're one too. Let's see that which the Lord is promising us at such a time as this in the passage of Scripture below,

"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee." (Isaiah 43:2).

The question that comes to mind as one reads through this passage of Scripture with much keenness is, why is this coming at such a time as this? It is because God sees your every moment. He sees that which you're going through at the moment. He knows what cross road you're at. He knows about that particular situation. He knows for how long you have been weeping with no one to comfort you. He knows how overwhelming, and challenging that storm has been. He hears your cry, sees your tear, and feel your pain. I may not know what exactly, but this is for someone today, God sees your every moment, and he has come to assure you of his word, and presence. Hallelujah!

He is saying not to be afraid, not to cry, not to panic, not to  worry, not to look at the situation. He knows the situation, and he is not saying they will stop coming, but then that he is ever with you in that situation. He says therefore that when you pass through the waters(that challenge, difficulty, temptation), just know you're not alone, he is with you to deliver you, and grant you victory. And through the rivers (when it becomes so very scary, and undefeatable), it will not overflow (overcome) you, why? Because he is with you.

When thou walkest through the fire(if it gets to the point when it begins to heat up, with no power of your own to contend with it), just know that you cannot be burned, nor even be touched by the flame  (cannot still be overcome by the situation), why? Because he is with you. Glory to God! And you see, God's promises are ever true, and he who has promised is able also to fulfill. To you reading this today, it may be that you're at that point where it looks as though you have been deserted by God, that's a lie, he is ever with you, and that's the reason his word is coming to you today. This promise is for you. The Lord is with you, and as a result, you will not be overcome by that situation you're currently going through but victory in Christ will surely be yours. Let this comfort your heart today. Remain comforted in the Lord. Peace to you from God. Amen.

Thought for the day

God sees your every moment, and he knows that which you're going through. Find your rest therefore in his word for in it lies the comfort you need. You do not need to be afraid.

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