10 Self Care Tips for Pastors, Ministers and Religious Leaders

🧩Dear Pastor,

1. Go for regular checkups

One popular quote by Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak is that there are two expressions of healing. The first is the supernatural while the second is the medical. As a pastor, it is necessary for you to include your health in your list of priorities. Also, if you're sick please seek medical help, and back it up with your faith, and prayer instead of dying in silence.

2. Eat well

As a pastor, you do not need to break the bank to eat anything healthy. If you decide to fast every single day, there will surely be a time when you'd decide to break your fast.

3. Dress well

People, believers and unbelievers alike, and even church members will say different things about pastors and religious leaders for just any reason they can find - that includes dressing too. As a pastor, you do not need to mind what members will say. If you can afford it, take a good part of your salary and buy great dresses. Change your suits, shirts, ties and shoes. You may also spice things up with beautiful native wears cutting across cultures.

4. Rest Well 

After each ministration, it is necessary for every man of God to take on a good rest. Rest here includes sleep and for the average adult, the United States of America's Department of  Health and Human Services (USA) recommends 7 hours or more per night. You can find this on the Centre for Disease Control website here. While the length of time for rest is considered, also, good rest and sleep quality is essential. Signs of poor sleep quality include not feeling rested even after getting enough sleep, repeatedly waking up during the night, and experiencing symptoms of sleep disorders (such as snoring or gasping for air). You can improve your sleep quality by building better sleep habits or being diagnosed and treated for any sleep disorder (just in case).

5. Stay off Your Phones

Sometimes, you should switch Off your phones for a whole day. At least, once in a week. Limit your exposure to phones, or other Gadgets in the name of counselling people online or making impact online. For the sake of your eyes.

6. Socialize

Ministry does not mean you should have no time to socialize. It is important that you hang out with friends and family.

7. Watch Comedy

Once in a while, you can watch comedy videos. You don't need to be overly serious or hyper spiritual because you are a pastor or ministry leader. Today, there are a reasonable portion of the media which shows relatable, yet godly entertainment to help you relax and stay refreshed.

✍Reduce shouting on the altar while preaching or when praying for someone.

✍Do businesses or pick up Jobs that can pay your bills comfortably.

With Wisdom, Study and Pray as Led

It is important to read the Bible and pray, but it is best that you do this as led by God in accordance with the level of wisdom God has given you. Don't over stress your brain trying to search for 'rhema'. Simply allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Also, don’t stress yourself going on unnecessary long periods of fasting if you are. It led. There is a spirit-enabled strength for that journey and if you don’t have the capacity, you will weaken your body while you grow spiritually.

Go for Vacations

If you have the financial capacity and time, you should go on vacations alone or with few loved ones. It musn't be on the mountain all the time for the sake of people's problems.

✍Pray for people very well. But Don't neglect your own personal requests or that of your loved ones. 

Fast Healthily

When you declare a personal or general fast, do it in a healthy way. Drink water if you feel dehydrated. Break your fast if you can no longer handle it. Only make sure you pray well. Also, break your fast in a healthy way using fruits and vegetables.

Reduce Worry and Overthinking

The God who called you to ministry is capable of taking care of His work while you stay at the background. If you don't have the financial capacity to invite any guest minister for any of your special programs, fast, pray, study and preach. Your anointing is enough sir/ma. Any church project that is giving you sleepless nights or High BP, should be placed on hold. There's no need to impress anyone. Let God handle it as He deems fit.

Try your Best but don’t stress up over members

It could be difficult managing people. Any member that is bent on leaving your church should feel free to do so. Don't start chasing them about as if you're desperate to keep them or can't do without them. Care for them, check on them, find out what the problem is, try to settle their scores with yourself or any other member. But if after all that, they still leave, allow them.  Don't lose your Respect trying to save an  unreasonable 'ONE' at the detriment of the loyal and faithful  '99'. Everyone won't stay with you forever, no matter how close or important they are to you, or you to them.

Give to the needy

Giving is a Biblical principle But don't do so at the detriment of your personal needs or family's welfare. Give your all when LED by God. Not all the time sir, you may be able to bear it but will your family be able to understand and cope? Well if you feel they can, WHY NOT? Give, Give and Give.

✍There's no need going to your member's village to conduct family deliverance or uproot a deity that has been buried for hundreds of years. 

Especially if God did not send you. Don't kill yourself trying to prove a point that you're anointed, anyone who doesn't believe you're anointed, should hold on to their doubt. 

Many pastors have been wasted trying to prove a point on this kind of issue. I don't doubt your capability. Am only encouraging you to be sure of what you're doing and be sure God commanded you to embark on such journeys.

✍ If church isn't growing after all church growth strategies have been applied, seek God's help and wait. While you wait, maintain a joyful attitude.  Don't pack up, except you know God didn't call you. Relax your nerves. The Church will Grow. 

✍Any day you feel too tired to preach in church, or anchor any meeting, assign someone else to do it. God will still take control.  Don't kill yourself. 

The work ahead of you is enormous, if you die now, how will you explain yourself to God in heaven?  You won't be commended sir, cos you didn't deal wisely and left your work undone on earth.

As a pastor, ministry or religious leader, no matter what you do or don't, human wants and needs are endless and can never be satisfied. This is a basic economic principle and wisdom is more than necessary when dealing with people. People are also imperfect and sometimes, they may never show total gratitude to you for all you do as their Pastor, Mentor or Prophet. So, while you should do your best in ministry, you don't need to kill yourself over ministry. Do your best and leave the rest for The One who called you. 

The sad truth is this - if you do not exercise self care, your members have options. If you're no longer alive or fit, they will cross over to the other side. The world doesn't need another MESSIAH. The JESUS CHRIST we know, is enough for us! Be wise!

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