5 Lessons from the Life of Eli

The story of Eli is a story we can all pick lessons from that can help our personal journey not just as a servant of God  but as a parent too. The Bible in 1st Samuel Chapters 1 - 3 gives the full gist about the story of Eli. It is an insightful story that talks about Eli and his sons till their death.

Eli was a priest in the Lord's tabernacle and he served there faithfully. He had sons but his sons chose to dishonour the Lord and their end was destruction.

Who would have thought that the sons of a priest would live in a way that was displeasing to the Lord? They chose the path that they thought was right but they were on their way to destruction.

Here are 5 lessons to learn from the life of Eli.

1. Eli served the Lord Faithfully

Eli was a man that diligently carried out his duties in the tabernacle of the Lord. He was faithful as a priest. He is a perfect example, teaching us that in whatever position you find yourself serving in, let your service be unto the Lord and not mere men, do it wholeheartedly.

2. Be Intentional about Raising Children

It is not enough to have children - it means more to be intentional about raising them in the way of the Lord. To think that Eli's sons were also priests in the tabernacle of God yet dishonored God and the things of God shows that there is one thing for your children to serve in the house of God and it's another for them to know God on a personal level. As much as Eli wanted his sons to serve the right way in the duty assigned to them, he didn't fix the problem which was teaching them about building a personal relationship with God. Beyond teaching your children the importance of serving in church, teach them about having a personal relationship with God because out of it stems a true heart of service and honor for the things of God.

3. Pray for your Children

At a point when Eli was very old, he had a discussion with his sons and advised them to stop their sinful ways but they didn't listen.
It's okay to give godly counsels to your children but remember to back it up in the place of prayer. Prayer can do so much more, pray for the mind of your children that all they have is the mind of Christ, a heart to do nothing else but the will of the Father.

4. Eli helped Samuel to identify the voice of God.

What are you doing with the people the Lord sends your way?
If you read the story of Samuel, at his tender age  Eli played a very significant role in his journey that made him for life. For everyone that you meet on your journey, be intentional about the impact you are making in their life. Point them to God, let them be ever grateful that they met you.

5. Engage Discipline for Children 

Eli received a word from a man of God about the future of his sons but he still didn't discipline his sons. God is not wicked. He works with principles. He honours those who honour Him and despises those who think lightly of Him. When God sends you a word for the purpose of correcting you, don't joke with it because He is giving you a second chance to do something about it.
Only if Eli truly listened to all the man of God said about his family, probably they won't all have ended in destruction. God is truly interested in our lives and the outcomes it produces. He is merciful and He shows mercy to those who are truly repentant and are ready to choose the path of righteousness.

Eli and his family isn't just another random story in the Word of God. It is the story of a family we can glean lessons from so we also can better with our families.

Remember that your children are your responsibility. God has placed them in your care as their guardian and you are to ensure that they live rightly. Pray for them, give them godly counsels, discipline them, teach them to know God and love Him, teach them service in the house of the Lord.

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