7 Things You Can do with the Word of God

The Bible is the word of God and it is different from every other book for many reasons. Just as Hebrews 4:12 and other notable verses of the Bible have described the potency and life in the word of God, the difference is established that God;s word differs from every other book because of the ;iving power it carries.

Now, if we know how much power this book (the Bible) holds, how much more should you know about the things that you can do through God's word? In the remaining parts of this article, I'd share a list of seven things you can do with the word of God.

1. Practise the word of God

There is greater power in doing the practicals after learning the theory. The experience of God's word and power. In 1st Corinthians 4:20, we see that God's kingdom is not about talk but about power. Your practice of Christianity should not only focuses on God's words being preached, read, or prayed. While it is great, it may not  the legitimate power of God behind it (James 2:26). Paul does not want the Corinthians to forget that he did not just introduce them to big ideas that can be captured and manipulated with words. He introduced them to the power of God

2. Memorise the Word of God

In Joshua 1:8, we find one of the most popular Bible verses where Joshua was instructed to keep the book of the law. This literally means that Joshua was meant to read and keep it at heart at all times.

3. Meditate upon it

There is so much power in meditation. Meditation literally brings you to a world of reality with the power in God's word because it activates your sub-conscious mind to work.

4. Confess it

5. Read the word of God

6. STudy the word of God

7. Preach the Word of God

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