After the Test

The Bible in Job 23: 10 says "He knows the way that I take; When He has tested me, I will come forth as gold" 

Are there times you have ever felt like God has forsaken you? Or maybe as if there are too many individuals in the world that He just forgot about you , and focused on the many individuals? Hmm! I know this feeling. I have felt like that before when it seemed the world was dark for me, and God wasn't trying to shed His light at that moment.

After the test by Joy Aniju Ogbitse

But is it true that God actually forsakes or forgets? God forbid. The Bible says can a mother forget her child? It says further that even if it happens, God can never forget His own children. He is ever faithful to deliver those that diligently seek Him.

Now, why does it seem like He is always silent in time of trouble?
Firstly, let's consider the case of Job. Job was so faithful and committed that God could boast about him. Wonderful!  This is to show the  level at which he served God with all of him, without withholding anything significant in his worship. God could beat His chest about Job , when the devil came to meet Him. On hearing this, the devil decided to play a trick, and told God that he should be allowed to afflict Job. God allowed this, because He knew Job could pass the test. Test!

Now, ask yourself: What if this is a test for me? In schools, tests and exams are written to go to the next and higher level. So it is spiritually also. You must pass through some tests before you can get to the next level with God. 

Believe this, God will never test you beyond your capability. Never! He knew Job could pass through that test, and excel. That was the reason why He gave satan the go ahead. So, it is also for you. He knows you can scale through without falling. That is why He has allowed that problem or trouble. He knows you won't be overwhelmed by the problems. That is why He allowed the devil.

As a child of God, you must go through tests to get on higher level with God. It even helps you to measure your level of faith and strength. It helps you to make corrections where and when you ought to. When you allow patience have her work, you will end up wearing the crown of glory.

Job stood firm in his trust in God, and didn't curse God, just like his friends and family suggested. He never sinned during those time of trouble. So should be our resolve also whenever we're going through one unpleasant phase or the other. Instead of complaining and seeing God as wicked, praise Him instead  because you know the problem is just for a short while; that He will deliver you with His outstretched hand.

Know that after you have been refined like Job, you will come forth like gold.

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