Are You Grateful?: Gospel Today Devotional - 13th May, 2024

Assuming you had a father who lavished you with gifts such as phones, cash, wrist watches, and other sort of things, you would be so happy, right? Let's assume you had a spouse who ever loves to sing your praise and expresses himself or herself to you by gifting you several items, you would forever be filled with joy, isn't it? I know what your answers to the questions above would be,  yes, of course.

Are You Grateful?: Gospel Today Devotional - 13th May, 2024

You see, the issue however is that even if you had the kindest father on earth, who can be compared to none based on your judgement of him, he still wouldn't be able to get you such gifts everyday. If your spouse were the most loving on earth, and can be compared to no other, he or she still will not get you gifts daily. Now you see the limitation, don't you?

This is not so with the Lord Jehovah, is it? Certainly not. He doesn't bless seasonally, nor does he withhold his blessings from us for a long time but he makes them available to us daily. The text below affirms this truth,

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah". (Psalm 68:19).

This is timely and worthy of acceptance, why? Even with the knowledge that the nicest of fathers and the most loving spouse will be very much unable to give us gifts daily, we still appreciate them, right? We do not mind if they do it all the time, we're happy that they gift us at least, and for that we bless (appreciate) them. 

If we do that to those who do not bless us daily, how much more God who bestows on us daily blessings such that we're unable to count for number? The Psalmist therefore points our attention to the fact that we have to appreciate God for his daily blessings upon our lives( the gift and breath of life, protection, preservation, guidance, instructions, provisions, etc). The list is endless.

This means as well that a day does not pass without God's blessings on us but we most times do not appreciate him for such. The word of God today comes as an exhortation to every believer to be of a  grateful heart, blessing (appreciating) the Lord, even the God of our salvation. Are you grateful? The Lord grants us grace to  thank him with a grateful heart for his daily blessings on us. Amen. 

Thought for the day

Each day presents to you an opportunity to appreciate God. You should appreciate him for his daily blessings upon your life.

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