God Will Make a Way: Gospel Today Devotional - 16th May, 2022

Gospel song writer, and singer, Don Moen once said in his song, "God will make a way where there seems to be no way", of which I believe he must have had a a very strong conviction of such truth in his heart, far beyond the lyrics in his song. It is true isn't it? God will indeed make a way where there seems to be no way. 

God Will Make a Way: Gospel Today Devotional - 16th May, 2022

Often times, in our lives as believers, we experience situations where we are neither able to move forward or backward, why? Because we feel that it is seemingly impossible to take a step backward or forward. This is because all available routes at the time will appear blocked such that we have no where to move to.

Just as it is almost impossible to access water very easily in the desert, and to walk with ease in the wilderness, it may become almost impossible for us to find our ways out of that situation. It's possible many reading this today are going through such, and if you are, be of good cheer for God is here to exhort and comfort you. Let's examine the verse of scripture below,

"... I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert". (Isaiah 43:19b)

The Lord is saying to you today, perhaps going through a phase in your life as a believer, where all seems to be dry, and inaccessible. A phase in your life where you feel you may never be able to move forward or backward. It may be with regards to your relationship, finance, marriage, family, health, etc(whatever the case may be), the word of the Lord today is for you, and it says not to worry.

Consider the wilderness that is scarcely inhabited by humans and very inaccessible, the Lord says, he will make a way. Consider the desert and how dry it can be with no hope for anyone to drink from it as a result of its dryness, the Lord says, however that he will cause rivers ( water in abundance to flow in it). 

There's no need to worry. The Lord will make a way for you. He will make the wilderness accessible, and the deserts filled with water. 

Do take the word of the Lord to heart today, and whatever the situation is, perhaps it seems there is no way, I leave you with the words from the the Lord to you, God will make a way.

Thought for the day: God will make a way for you even when it looks as though there's no way for he works in ways you cannot see.

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