Our Influence as Believers: Gospel Today Devotional - 5th May, 2024

It is very important for believers to live a life of positive influence. Every area of the believer's life should serve as an influence to the people around him; whether it is to those in the body or those outside the body. This to a large extent determines how people would respond to the message about God's love and grace, and our profession of faith in Christ as the Son of God. If truly we are children of God, our lives should send signals that cause men to believe that our profession of faith in Christ is true.

Our Influence as Believers: Gospel Today Devotional - 5th May, 2024

Most times when one wears a perfume, it is very impossible not to perceive the fragrance that comes from it, right? Just passing by, your nose picks a signal of the fragrance that comes from the person as a result of the perfume he wore which could either be sweet or not, isn't it? Sometimes, just because you perceived that, you go the extra mile to get that same kind of perfume. Maybe not a perfume, it could as well be a body cream, a bathing soap, etc. The fragrance from that particular thing leaves you with an influence, that makes you hate or love the thing itself. This implies therefore that the cream, soap or perfume has a savour or fragrance that leaves you with a feeling to either get yours or detest it completely.

Why the illustration above? This is to explain a very important text in the scripture that every believer should pay attention to. It is my sincere prayer that the Lord ministers to you himself. The text is found below,

"For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish" (2 Corinthians 2:15).

What does this imply? Having already illustrated above that the fragrance from the perfume a person wears or cream/soap he uses leaves you with a feeling to either get the exact same thing or detest it, it is also important to know that the believer is also a savour or fragrance in them or better put to them that believe and in them or to them that perish or are perishing.

The believer's life has a strong influence on those in the body of Christ such that our actions can create in them the desire to love, believe, forgive, accept, and live a life so pleasing to God. On the other hand, it can make believers do otherwise. To unbelievers, our actions can influence them to seek after God in repentance and place faith in Christ, confessing him as Lord and Saviour as well as make them do otherwise. Why? Because our lives and actions leave a smell(an influence) on people. Thank God however that the scripture says we are to God not just anyhow kind of savour but a sweet savour of Christ which means that our lives should only influence believers to keep walking in the faith and love towards God, and also that unbelievers come to him through Christ in repentance. Glory to God. 

It is expedient therefore that we exhort ourselves with this truth that so presents itself to you and I such that we can daily examine ourselves to see that we are indeed unto God a sweet savour of Christ to them in the faith and to those that are perishing. The Lord help us to be doers and not just those who read or hear alone. Amen.

Thought for the day

As a believer, you have a very strong influence on believers and unbelievers alike. While your life can cause other believers to continually walk in the faith, it can make unbelievers come to God through Christ in repentance. You must therefore see to it daily that you are indeed unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved (believers), and in them that perish (unbelievers).

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