Christian Poetry: The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse by Joy Aniju Ogbitse

Got lost in thought 
Of the lot to befall on the last day .
The day of the apocalypse ,
When darkness will be the sun ,
The moon, shedding a translucent light of doom ,
And the stars falling with unrestricted force .

The sky will wail in distress ,
And her tears will fill the earth .
The oceans , tired of taking the pain
Will spread to every nook and cranny ,
And the trees , scrambling for a cover on her head ,
Will wade off all her flesh ,
If that will aid her movement .

Nature will rebel ,
And the scary  hooting of the wind 
will be the jingling of the bell.

Just a tip of the iceberg ,
Men will scamper .
Not just men - Ordinary men will go down in flame ,
And their teeth will grit in pain .

More men would leap ,
Leap, soar and transform to another being  
Those who don't belong to hades.
Then, I flipped pages after pages ,
For what to do to be part of this heritage ,
And found that my flesh needs to be caged ,
For my spirit to reign in the latter days .

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