The Voices in Your Mind

There's a still small voice that comes to my mind anytime I'm about to make a decision. Sometimes, I hear it clearly telling me what to do but at other times, I'm too carried away or distracted to hear clearly but trust me it's always come. Some times, I became so confused, uneasy, uncomfortable and emotional when this voice keep repeating itself of what I don't want to do and sometimes I end up weak and cry out to him to help me do the right thing.

Some moment I see myself obey and have a sense of fulfillment and joy within my heart, sometimes I disobey and bow my head in shame telling him I'm sorry, telling him I was too carried away with my own way to recognise him.

 Sometimes he comes in the middle of the night and tell me to pray, sometimes he come with a force, burden I couldn't explain, sometimes he come like a still small voice in my heart giving me instruction, sometimes it can make me go emotional without any reason.

I could not master or recognise who it was, i just know it is something or a voice but i never knew who was behind this voice.

I thought it's a voice in my head or it is just my thought because sometimes they come in two, one telling me to do the right thing and the other telling me to disobey but they leave me to make the decision and face the repercussions of whatever decision I take.

I could not make the right decision because i lack discernment, I could not discern which one is right or wrong cuz it take discernment.

 I do hear people talk about him but I never pay any attention to them until I become restless and unhappy that i always make the wrong decision.

 But a day come when i decided to have a relationship with the holy spirit then gradually I can recognise his voice and stop listening to the other voices that i was not familiar with.

 sometimes i can still make some mistake because I'm human and my emotion can distract me but yet he will not condemn me, anytime I realise and come to him for help he is always willing to help me.

I know by now you'll be wondering why all this story I'm here to tell you as a human being you have the holy Spirit in you but it take a relationship with the holy spirit to be able to recognise his voice.

 Are you asking yourself why you keep making mistakes,even when a voice warned you not to do that thing, are you asking yourself why you are emotional even when there is nothing disturbing you, are you asking yourself why you feels a burden to pray for someone, are you asking yourself why you wake up in the middle of the night almost every day. I'll give you the answer "holy Spirit" he is trying to pass a message across to you and for you to get his message then you must have know his voice.

Some of us are found of calling him a voice, some of us call him something in my mind. Dearie it is not your mind it is the holy spirit within you.

For you to recognise and know his voice you need to fellowship more with him.

Focus on having a relationship with the holy Spirit and gradually you will learn to know his voice.

When you have a friend you can't recognise his voice within a short period of time, it will take time, you must have talk to each other everyday and know each other deeply before you can recognise when they are communicating to you no matter where you are because you have a relationship with the person, you know the person, you recognise the voice of the person. That is the way you can have and know the voice of the holy Spirit in fellowship with him and you will get use to his voice then be able to recognise and hear whatever the holy Spirit is telling you no matter the situation, no matter the place you are, no matter the circumstances, no matter the distraction.

My dear pick up your relationship with the holy spirit so he can guide you in every way .

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  1. Hmmm More Grace to you. I'm Blessed and enlightened

  2. More grace dear...Keep it up


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