What We Should Do Instead: Gospel Today Devotional - 15th May, 2024

It is surprising to know that the believer worries about many things. He worries about his family, his job, his future, his finance, his business, even his life. Most times, he sits to ask himself questions like: "Why is this? How can I? Should I do this? When will I achieve this? How do I pay my fee? The list is indeed endless". But the summary is this, that the believer is most times anxious(worried) about many things. It would be good for us to know that worrying helps no one. It doesn't. We cannot get the answers we seek by being anxious or worried. In fact, it takes away your peace and your focus from what is really important. Being anxious about things does no good to anybody.

What We Should Do Instead: Gospel Today Devotional - 15th May, 2024

The scripture is clear on this. Let's examine this particular scripture,

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. (Philippians 4:6).

This implies we act in direct contrast to that which God through this scripture has commanded us to do. It says you don't have to worry.  The scripture even calls the things you worry about nothing. Isn't this beautiful? You worry about nothing. Glory!

But instead of being worried about nothing, the scripture teaches that we should not be worried or be anxious for nothing , but in everything (at every point in time), we should by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make our requests ( those things we worry about which are considered nothing before God) known unto God ( who will indeed make them as nothing before us). If we follow truly this principle, we won't waste our time as believers worrying about nothing. Why Worry? Be worried for nothing. Can someone say, I worry no more? May the Lord grant us the grace to worry no more indeed.

Thought for the day

The things you worry about are regarded as nothing before God. Instead of worrying about those things that are nothing before him, you should make them known to him through prayer, supplication and thanksgiving. You are to be anxious for nothing.

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