God is my Father; I'm not a Bastard


I have a  Father
He’s the Almighty Father
He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
I have a Father


Our Father in Heaven
We glorify Your name
We bow down before You

Our Father
Our Father Who art in Heaven Amen
Hallowed be thy Name (2x)

We cry Abba Father
Hallowed be your Name (3x)


My Father My father
Your baby is singing
I’d be singing and shouting and dancing for the rest of eternity…


Right above, I have just listed different worship songs that describe God as Father. Of the many names that we choose to call God, the most powerful name for me is “Father”. It is so revelational and I love the name for many reasons.

1. I am not a Bastard

I suffered addiction to masturbation and pornography at some point in my life and so when I consciously came to know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I battled condemnation for a while. The devil kept coming at different times to tell me  about how my salvation was not “original”. In fellowshipping with God, I got the assurance and that is why when I sing this song, it tells me so much about God’s love for me that wipes off every stain of the past.




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