Christian Poetry: Royal Daughter by Linda Lily Mzapi

It is at that particular moment that the lioness inside of me was awakened.

Suddenly just like waking up from a bad dream 

I shook my head  as I realised that I wasn't just an ordinary girl.

Yes, I wasn't just an average girl, mother or wife


I wasn't just a high school or college girl trying to get good grades

I wasn't just a working lady trying to earn a place at the big corporate table

I wasn't just a mother trying to raise her kids

I wasn't just a wife trying to keep her marriage intact.

I was more than that

There was more to me than meet the eye.

My dreams and purpose went beyond that.

I was a vessel of honour


Placed there for a season and reason

Placed there to make a difference

Placed there to raise godly kids of destiny unshaken by uncertainty

Placed there to birth a marriage that preached the second coming of Christ

Placed in the business world to call for godliness and need for Christ even in success.

My purpose kept calling me to run away


To run away from seeking validation 

from people who did not understand my calling

To run away from people who are so earthly 

whilst seeking things which are above

To run away from people who looked and judged with mere eyes 

whilst my spirit convinced me not to look at the things which are seen 

for they are temporal but to walk by faith not sight

It convinced me to persevere 

and like Apostle Paul hear God saying 

My grace is sufficient

To run the race just like Apostle Paul says 

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run 

but only one gets the prize, therefore as to get a prize.

For I remembered that at the end of it all 

no one at my funeral will say 

"she was a slay queen, had a nice car or had a good paying job"

but character and substance is all that will matter

My works, not earnings will follow me

So I will never forget this day 

for it is on this day that I turned my back on earthly things.

I walked away and never looked back 

for I remembered I wasn't just an ordinary girl 



The poet, Linda 'Lily' Mzapi is a Zimbabwean communicator who spreads a message of hope and inspiration. She enjoys reading and writing as a wordsmith who strongly believes that the pen is mightier than any sword. 'Just a girl running errands for Abba and working towards becoming a distribution centre for God's goodness' she says. Her greatest desire is to see young people, particularly young women, realize that God has placed something great within each and every one of them. She has an Honors Degree in Media and Society Studies.

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  1. Very inspirational, thank you Lindah, keep on with the good work

    1. Thank you so much for the motivating words much appreciated

  2. What a powerful poem,keep up the good work,you my favourite writer


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