A name that jingles a resounding bell; one that makes one shudder In fear of how wicked humans can be and make the heart flutter in pain. Many people who knew the atrocities she committed spoke against her from the darkest part of their hearts.
Isn't there an adage that says a good name is better than riches? Well, Tabitha never thought of that. Or better still, she didn't consider having a good name important as far as she had riches and power. And indeed, she did all she could to get her riches.
Was it how she orchestrated the accident of her step sister; her only sibling just because of her father's property. Such a selfish soul! Luckily for pregnant Rachael, she survived the accident but went into a coma. 
Seeing that her plan wasn't fully delivered, she decided to arrange robbers to attack her father and her, beat her father up till he becomes unconscious and deeply bruised. She would have asked them to kill him, but for the will she wanted him to amend before dieing. She knew he wouldn't live any longer after the attack, so everything would be willed to her before Rachel becomes concious again.
As planned, her father, chief Richard was brutally dealth with and placed at the point of death. Realising this, he called his lawyer, and instructed her to give all his property to Tabitha; she would be able to take care of her sister who was In coma. That was his thought.
Chief Richard died, and the heartless daughter had everything to herself.
That wasn't all. They were just the tip of a iceberg!
Tabitha went as far as casting a spell on Rachael's husband, wiped off all information from his memory and got married to him. Fola, Rachel's husband totally forgot about his wife who was in coma In the hospital.
She made her sister go insane. Yes, she did that. This time around, she didn't cast a spell, but dropped the bombshell of their father's death to a soul who just recuperated from coma. As usual, she did it on purpose, defying the doctor's instructions. In fact, she spitefully told Rachael how she doesn't want her to live.
You might be surprised as to how we knew this... Well, she confessed last month. She confessed on her sick bed. We didn't really know the nature of her sickness, but we knew it was so serious. She didn't survive. She died late last month.
She deserved it right? What a man sow, he shall reap. She reaped what she planted. 
But in this whole scenery, something seems surprising and unbelievable to us all. Tabitha gave her life to christ on her sick bed, at the point of death. The pastor who lived down our street prayed for her, and regarded her as a born again Christian. Her sins were forgiven, and she had a new life In christ. Can you believe Tabitha also confessed that she saw Jesus? It was after that she gave up the ghost.
Now, pastor says she's In heaven.
What about her sins? All the evils she did? The lives she killed and put In jeopardy?
Pastor says they're all In the past. As far as she gave her life to christ, her sins became forgiven. He says God is a merciful father that doesn't want even the vilest sinner to perish.
And a neighbor asked this question...
"Does it mean we can keep on being wicked, and when we're almost at the point of death, we give our lives to christ?"
Yes! We all stared at the pastor. He should answer this.
"Well", he started. "What if you weren't given the grace to give your life to christ at the point of death?..........
The crowd dispersed suddenly.

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