The Conduct of a Believer on Social Media

With rage and bloodshot eyes, Esther’s mum marched in big steps towards her daughter’s room, and flung the door open. This was very unusual of her, as she’d usually knock and wait before she went in. However, her courtesy was hidden and lost beneath her rage. Esther could bet her mother wasn’t in the skin of the woman who just marched and barged into her room.

“Mom!” She called out, startled. “What if I was undressed?” She added as she struggled to get out of her rumpled bed, looking disappointed, and at the same time, surprised and embarrassed that her mom who put down the rule of respecting one’s privacy was the one breaking it now.

“Would you mind explaining this?” her mother asked in a declarative tone shoving her phone in Esther’s face, and stood like she was ready to strike any minute.

Esther breathed a deep sigh of relief and sat back on her middle sized bed while giving her mother the “is this why you barged into my room” look.

“Young lady! I’m interrogating you! Up! Be on your feet until we’re done with this conversation!” her mother declared, each word covered in a rage that clouded the room.

“Mom! Why are you cranky this morning?” she asked, still seated.

“Three things! First, you have no right to question my being cranky with you this morning or whatever you called it. Second, I asked you to stand to your feet! This is not the kind of situation where you sit while I talk. And third, you had better start explaining this before I lay my hands on you!” Her mother stated while pointing to the phone still shoved in Esther’s face and drenched herself more in the anger that had welled up in her.

“Okay…” Esther said, standing slowly and moving a few steps away from her mother to avoid hands being laid on her.

“Mom, if you read the caption…”

“Hey… You’d speak to me respectfully and answer my questions in clear tenses! Are we clear?” Her mom cut her short, and afterwards gave her the ‘are we clear look?’

“I… Mom, I was only using the image to explain to my viewers that that is not a good conduct as a believer, and that they should desist from it.” Esther explained, calmly but also with fear and picking her words carefully so she doesn’t further upset her mother.

“Ex… explain…?” her mother chuckled.

“So let me get this straight, yeah? You posted the image of a lady with all her sensitive parts outside to explain that it’s not the right way to dress?”


Her mother narrowed her eyes and the look on her face changed from anger to surprise.

“Remember I warned you earlier to speak to me with respect. That aside… I’d want you to explain this scenario to me as well since you’re good with explanations. Imagine a pastor who used to smoke, drink and womanize, coming to the altar with images of himself doing those things all the name of explaining to his congregation that they’re not supposed to live and conduct themselves like that.”

“That’s outrageous.” Esther replied turning slightly away from her mother and wearing a straight look.

“As much as I told you to use clear sentences? I wouldn’t deny taking a liking to your choice of words. So wait, why can’t he do that? The idea is to make his congregation understand that they’re not supposed to live that kind of life but rather, live according to the dictates of God’s word.” Her mother said, calmer and more relaxed this time. Her rage had melted away and Esther thought her mother had returned to her own skin.

“Mother, it wouldn’t be right to display such images in church. Even on the social media handle of a believer. I mean, in order to explain something like that, he doesn’t have to use those images. And even if he has to use images, he could bring better images of someone living right by Christ, being chaste and living a Godly life, not the other way around.” Esther explained and at some point got lost in what she was saying but the look on her mother’s face stopped her in her words.

Her mother wore a knowing look and a nice side smile, and Esther couldn’t place it.

Scratching her temples, and with narrowed eye brows, she gave her mother a questioning look and almost immediately, she stood straight and widened her eyes like something struck her. Her mother saw her expression and sat on her bed smiling broadly this time.

She gasped and covered her mouth with her left palm.

“Wait, did I just… did I just say that? How… But…”

“I guess you have the Holy Spirit after all. I was paranoid He had gone on a holiday in your heart.” Her mother laughed.

“Mom, I’m so sorry. I thought… I thought if I used that image, I could drive home my point. I felt this tingling feeling in my heart not to use it, but something completely opposite, but I just thought I could use that to better explain my point.”

“My darling, when you want to speak to an unbeliever, or even a believer who has backslided, the image you paint before them is that of Christ, not their awkward and sinful lifestyle. Believe me, they know it. What they do not know is how to break free from that kind of lifestyle. Posting something like this might have made another person fall into temptation. There’s enough of it on the media already. A believer should rather seek to portray something completely opposite- in relation to Christ. You do not bring a bottle to an alcohol addict to explain to him why he should stop drinking. You’d only add to his problems and make him crave for the bottle. You might have posted the image with a good intention in mind. But the message it sends is totally different. By default, you’re first a child of God before you’re a citizen of this world and there are just some things you’re not allowed to do as a result of that identity. You should watch what you post on the media space and see to it that it doesn’t cause another believer to stumble and fall and make an unbeliever drown deeper in his sin. Portray Christ and what He has to offer! Rather than what the devil has done.”

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