Metro: Nigerian Pastors You Never Knew Were Doctors

The medical profession is a noble profession with roots in ancient Greek healers and medicians. The profession is no doubt a tasking one and it is bound with an oath to save lives at all cost. Although a very tasking profession with grave responsibilities, pastors who are given to God's work are also active and excelling in this profession. This list is about some pastors who are medical doctors. 

1. Pastor Paul Idoko Enenche

Top Nigerian Pastors You Never Knew Were Doctors

Born on the 4th of June 1968, Pastor Paul Idoko Enenche is a Nigerian pastor, televangelist, author, singer and medical doctor. He is the senior  pastor and founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre which was established on the 10th of November 1996. The church's headquarters is in Abuja, Nigeria.

Pastor Paul Enenche is from the Idoma ethnic group in Idoma, Benue state. He was born to the family of Chief D.E in Otukpo and his elder brother is General John Enenche, Nigeria's Defence Spokesman. 

The founder of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Jos where he not only got a degree, but met the lovely woman, Dr Becky Enenche to whom he has been married for over twenty five years. His wife, Dr Becky Enenche is also a medical doctor and they have four wonderful children.

Pastor Paul Enenche is an ardent lover of God and a preacher of God's word.  He is passionate about the kingdom of God and seeing that God's will is done in Nigeria and in the world at large. He is a sought after speaker who has ministered in different programmes and conferences. Pastor Paul Enenche is the overseer of Destiny Academy and Destiny College under the church. The Dunamis International Gospel Centre also runs Destiny Publications which is overseen by Pastor Paul Enenche. 

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Pastor Paul Enenche in his teachings and ministry has demonstrated a life of faith and is a firm believer in the miraculous power of God. In his meetings and crusades, the medically trained Pastor has been used by God to wrought different healings and supernatural demonstration of God's power to save lives. He is popularly known to be a spiritual son to Bishop David Oyedepo, founder and senior pastor of The Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel.

Pastor Paul Enenche is a great giver and has made many contributions and donations towards different charitable causes like health,  education,  and many others. Pastor Paul Enenche is definitely a good Christian example to many people that you can live a life of impact in other fields even as a minister of the gospel. You can read his full biography here

2. Pastor Toni Rapu

Top Nigerian Pastors You Never Knew Were Doctors

Pastor Toni Rapu is a Nigerian pastor,  medical doctor, life coach, and filmmaker. He is the senior pastor of House of Freedom. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees,  House of Freedom; a non profit organisation focused on reaching out to impoverished persons in order to achieve individual and community transformation. He also oversees Genesis House, an arm of the Freedom Foundation which was  established in 2006 with a mandate to change the lives of ex-commercial sex workers.

Born January 1957, Pastor Tony Rapu attended Kings College, Lagos after which he moved on to the prestigious  University of Ibadan where he studied Zoology and then Medicine. He is married to Nkoyo and together, they have three lovely children. 

Pastor Tony Rapu is a servant of God with many years of experience in the ministry. He started pastoring in the Reedeemed Christian Church of God under the leadership and guidance of Pastor E.A Adeboye.

Although the name Tony Rapu may not ring a bell to many Nigerians, he is a man who has thus far lived a life of service and sacrifice for the advancement of God's kingdom and the betterment of humanity. He is someone whose life has had impacts on the life of many including the likes of Prof Yemi Osinbanjo, current Vice President of Nigeria. The zeal and passion of Pastor Tony Rapu to God and His work can be best described by the words Pastor E.A Adeboye spoke about him as published by this day five years ago at the 25th anniversary of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Apapa Branch which Pastor Tony started under the leadership of Pastor E. A Adeboye. The General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God of God said : give me one thousand Tonys and I will take the whole world for Christ".

Pastor Tony Rapu is indeed an example to many that a Christian should live a lifeof impact and serve God passionately. He is also an inspiration to many believers that in our service to God, we can bring postive change and transformation to lives and communities.


3. Pastor Becky Enenche

Top Nigerian Pastors You Never Knew Were Doctors

Pastor Becky Enenche is a Nigerian pastor, medical doctor, singer and the wife of Pastor Paul Enenche. 

Born on the 23rd of October 1970, Pastor  Becky Enenche beared Rebecca Inyangbe Ibu until she married her husband in 1994. She studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Jos where she not only got a degree, but met her husband of over twenty five years with whom she has four children.

Pastor Becky Enenche is woman of God who is devout to the service of the Lord and has shown great love and honour for her husband and pastor, Pastor Paul Enenche. An example to many Christian especially women, she has demonstrated a life of virtue and impact by her life, ministry and marriage.


4. Dr Akunna Adejuwon

Top Nigerian Pastors You Never Knew Were Doctors

Dr Akunna  Adejuwon is a Nigerian minister of the gospel and medical doctor. She is a prcaticing doctor of Optomery. She runs her private practice and owns clinics in Abuja, Nigeria.

Married to Reverend Tokunbo Adejuwon, the National Coordinator of Kenneth Hagin Bible Training Centre in Nigeria, Dr Akunna Adejuwon is  a graduate of the worldwide renowned Kenneth Hagin BibleTraining Centre and she is licensed with the Rhema Ministerial Association International, Nigeria. She is currently serving on the executive body of the Rhema Bible Training Centre, Nigeria together with her husband as the Co-Director.

Dr Akunna Adejuwon is a minister of the gospel who teaches God's word  simply with a great demonstration of God's spirit and power. She is indeed an inspiration to many believers and a example that being a minister of the gospel should not stop a person from excelling in life and in a chosen profession.

These men and women of God are examples, an inspiration that believers can excel both in spiritual and natural things. We are the light of the world and in every sector and system, it is time to step up and shine our lights so bright.

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