4 kinds of Ushers/Protocols You’d Find in Nigerian Churches

In today's Christian metro article, we are bringing you premium gist from the ushering department. Before I go into the full gist, let me mention that the ushers belong to the "not too woke" churches while the protocols are more in the "Gen Z" churches. Despite the branding, they all still behave the same way sha - at least we serve the same God😃😃!
4 kinds of Ushers/Protocols You’d Find in Nigerian Churches

1. Smiling Ushers

These are the nice guys in the ushering and protocol department. They are handsome and beautiful brethren who are very welcoming. If you are a first timer and you catch them by the entrance, you will surely return to church next Sunday.

2. Bone-face Ushers

These category of ushers and protocol members are stern-faced. No matter what happens, they never smile. The best way to offend these ushers in your church is to sleep during a service. If you are lucky enough, they will ask someone sitting close to you to tap you while they wait to give you the stern warning with their eyes shouting "Don't sleep again!"

3. Statue/Robot Ushers

I don't know how the guys in this category do it, but bouncers are even unfit for them. They are usually the protocol officials who man the altar when the pastor is preaching are guard the pulpit when it's time for an altar call.

4. The Class Teacher Ushers

This category of ushers treat church members like they are children in primary schools.

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