6 Kinds of Children Church Teachers You’d Find in Nigerian Churches

If you attended children church while growing up, you’d definitely relate with today’s Christian Metro article. In this piece, we share five different kinds of church teachers you’d find in the average Nigerian Church. Typing this introduction, it’s funny how I didn’t include any male in the children church department - well, my home church didn’t have any. So if your children church had a male teacher, do well to add it in the comment section below😃😃.

Before you continue, let me mention that my home church used to call our teachers “mummy”. This is because they were very elderly. So as you see mummy in the next few lines, just understand the concept and move on 😂😂.

That said, let’s get to our list of children church teachers you’d see in the average Nigerian Church.

5 Kinds of Children Church Teachers You’d Find in Nigerian Churches

1. Mummy Principal

These are the top leaders of most children churches and if you are Gen Z, just skip to number two because it is likely that you don't know these women. They come in iro and buba on very special sundays but on every other day, you'd see them with a complete suit skirt and blouse. They also complement their dressing with a pair of reading classes. They man the doors to the children church, armed with the rod of correction to flog any erring child back to their seats. On the contrary, they are really nice to parents - you should see them when they're greeting parents after service.

Most of the teachers in this category are also school teachers. So, don’t fret if your class teacher is also your church teacher - double blessings😂😂

2. Bible Study Mummy

You'd probably dislike the Bible Study mummy if you did not memorize Psalm 91:1 to the end, but apart from that, she is a very good dancer. You should see her illustrating David and Goliath or Elizabeth and Mary all in a bid to ensure that you understand. I think she does the most because teaching children is a lot of work. 

3. Mummy Biscuit

This mummy and the angel at the judgment throne share similar characteristics especially when you misbehave in the course of service. Biscuit is the reward for a good Sunday service and since every child loves biscuits, you only need to “cooperate” to get yours. That’s where you’d hear that every “cry cry baby” in the children church will not go home with biscuits and everyone keeps shut because they want to eat.

4. Mummy Offering

If you mistakenly or somehow manage to spend your offering before she comes up, you will receive a query from Mummy Offering. That’s where you’d hear stories about Judas who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and how they compare it to the Naira in your country’s economy🌝 (rolls eyes). You’d also learn here that the root of evil is the love of money.

5. Miscellaneous Mummy

We call them miscellaneous mummy because she's the one you'd find in the external affairs of the children department. You'd not like this mummy if you were a child who always pooped or peed on your body. I mean, that's the only time she gets to work so hard and you may get some scolding or a tap on your buttock cheeks. If you can contain your mess, she'd definitely treat you nice.

6. The Quiz Mummy

Every children church likely has a Quiz teacher who brings out questions from the Bible or the last sunday’s teaching. If you attended a church like mine, every last Sunday of the month was dedicated to Quizzes and “Draw your Sword”. Once you see a line like a cross on  the blackboard (that’s what we used at the time🌝🌝) with Boys and Girls written apart, you know that it’s about to go down. Well, the winner always gets extra biscuits so it was a good bargain.

As we conclude, please note that this Christian metro article is taking out time to celebrate the awesome children church teachers we had while growing up. If you check well, many believers are still in Christ because they built on the foundation from these mothers. We appreciate the sacrifices from children church teachers in helping us grow in the faith.

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