7 Reasons Why you need a Prayer Circle

I curled up in my bed, frail and fragile. I thought those were the last days of my life, the very last few breaths I’d take. I imagined what people would say when I’m gone. “Would they think I lived well? Would I be missed? If someone ever cries for me, how long would they cry?” Many “Would I’s” crossed my mind. Most importantly, I asked myself, “Would God receive me?” I saw an opportunity to reflect on my life, confess my sins, ask for forgiveness, and slip into the cold hands of whatever was willing to take me away from planet earth.

Before now, I had different night attacks, but by morning, I’d be fine. I couldn’t explain to a pharmacist what was wrong because by morning, I would be up and running you’d even argue I almost died the night before. I had been praying as I knew how to. I told the important quarters, like my mentor and spiritual father. As expected, they prayed for and with me. Assuring me that everything would be fine. I believed them and hanged on God’s Word in Psalms 118:17 that reads, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.”

I hinged on that verse of the scripture, with the inclusion of Psalm 27 and 91. As God would have it, it stopped. My roommate always wondered what happened and why I would suddenly fall ill at night. I tried explaining the circumstance to her and she understood and would always encourage me that nothing will happen to me. Then, my friends weren’t staying around my house. So I couldn’t put calls through to them to come to my aid. I mean, it always happened at night, and it would in turn be dangerous for them to move at that time of the night. I already knew I wasn’t fighting a physical battle, but a spiritual one.

In months time, I moved away from that house to the center of my friends houses. I mean center because about 4 of us were already living in that area. I became number 5. The attack stopped for quite a long time until it came back again. This time, it was all shades of sickness combined. One of my friends came over that day, and we had a video call with the rest of the crew. I was making jokes, playing and running around healthy. Then came the night. It was more terrible than the other attacks combined. The attack would start with a banging headache, body pain and vomiting. I’d be shivering from cold while my body was boiling hot.

This time around, it was like the sickness was tuned up. Anyways, I made a quick call to the friend living closest to me. Her house was just about 2 houses away from mine. She was surprised as to how I was talking on phone. She came over about 45 minutes later. She didn’t think it was really serious because she was the one who was at my place late afternoon. She almost jumped out of her skin when she saw me curled up on my bed, covered with my wrapper but she touched my body and immediately withdrew her hand. It was blazing hot.

She made a call to few others and in less than 30 minutes, I had about 4 of them in my room; a guy inclusive, praying for me. I felt good because I knew I had friends who could pray for me. It wasn’t like I felt any better while they were praying, but I was happy I had believing friends who could stand in gap for me in the place of prayer when I am in my weakest moment. I mustn’t forget to add that I eventually felt better after the prayers, and that was the last I heard of the attack.

What would have happened if I died I my room that night because I had no one to call who could stand in gap and pray for me? You need a reason to have a prayer circle? I’ll give you 7. Now, let’s establish the fact that they must be acquaintances, people you’re close to. It wouldn’t be wise to make someone who is not a friend a payer partner or part of your prayer circle; because there would be days you’d need the person to be more of a friend than a prayer partner.


1. A Prayer Circle helps you get serious

If you’re finding it difficult to get serious with your prayer life, having friends with like-minds will help you out. I’ve heard it times without count from ministers of God that “one shouldn’t make an unbeliever his/her closest ally.” You should form a close relationship with a believer more than an unbeliever. “Iron sharpens iron,” they say. If you stay in the company of Christians who believe in the efficacy of prayer, you’d become serious too. Ensure your friends are not as lazy as you (if you are). Seek out someone who would encourage and pray with you instead of one who would try to give you reasons why you shouldn’t pray regularly. If you have one like that, you should run away from them. 


2. A Prayer Circle Reminds You to Pray

You can forget to pray. It is very possible seeing that prayer is not an easy adventure. If you get too busy, and you forget to communicate with your Father, your prayer circle will definitely be there to remind you of the need to live a committed life of prayer. 


3. A Prayer Circle is a Beautiful thing

It is such a sweet thing to have believers around you. This cannot be overemphasized. It’s really sweet. Taking my story as a case study, I sincerely feel happy that I have believers around who believe in the power of prayer. It really felt good. Typing this now brings the sweet memory and it has butterflies colliding in my belly. There are no other words for it; It’s just a good thing and it’s sweet.


4. A Prayer Circle Shows up for You

You might not feel like praying on some days. This is synonymous to forgetting to pray. It might start with a random feeling of not wanting to pray, and you in turn forget to pray altogether. It can happen. You definitely do not feel like praying everyday. Even ministers of God confirm it as well. If it so happens that you cannot help yourself, do you have go-to friends you can call to fire you up?

5. A Prayer Circle steps in when you’re Sick or Spiritually down

You can already understand this point from my story. James 5:14, “Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.” It’s not all the time you call your pastor to pray for and with you. When you’re so down, and maybe sick, and you cannot help yourself, those you have in your prayer circle are the ones you can put a call through to and they would immediately take it up in prayer. The need for a prayer circle with your friends cannot be overlooked.

6. A Prayer Circle is a Spiritual Backup

Sometimes when you’re fired up yourself. You do not feel sick, you didn’t forget to pray, in fact, you’re on a high voltage in the place of prayer at the time. It just so happened that you need more hands on deck to help you birth some mysteries in the place of prayer, who do you call in those times?

7. A Prayer Circle Strengthens your bond as friends

You cannot have a prayer circle without building a strong bond. It is practically impossible for you to pray together constantly without a strong bond building around you and your circle of friends. This kind of bond strengthens friendship and the body of Christ grows stronger and stronger as you go on with them.

There are more reasons you need to have a prayer circle and you can unveil them only if you have one. If you do not have one, find yourself one. If you had one, restore that relationship. If it is seeming difficult, do it in the place of prayer. Put away hurt if that was the cause for separation. You stand to gain more than you stand to loose having your friends in your prayer circle.

Note: The story above isn’t a fiction. It’s real life story. 

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