Rebuilding the Walls

I remember writing one time in one of the rooms in a multi-storey building. There was a soft breeze blowing, and so I opened two windows. One at the front and the other at the side, to keep the room cool. I had quite a several papers laid out on a large table.

Suddenly, the breeze started picking up and blowing my papers about. I remember the frantic sense of loss I felt because things were no longer in order, including unnumbered pages. I began rushing around the room, trying desperately to pick them up and put them back together. Stuck between this, I realized it would be better to take 10 seconds to close one of the windows.

When things are not working, identify the problems and proffer solutions.

If people are doing something and it isn't working, it doesn't mean yours won't work too. If your parents abused you as a child, it doesn't mean you have to abuse your children.

If you're maltreated as a junior, it doesn't mean you should maltreat others when you eventually become a senior.

Instead of acting the scripts or passing them down to the next generation, you can change the narrative. You can do it in a way that builds a relationship in the process.


The reason you must grow out of it is that there's a lot of evidence to indicate that you will tend to live out that script. If you're proactive, you will rewrite the script.

You're the link between the past and the future and your change can affect many.

A lot of walls have fallen apart in your past that have given room to superiority, fear, hate, low self-esteem, and misunderstanding. You need to rebuild those walls.

Real change comes from the inside out, it doesn't come from hacking at the leaves of attitude and behavior with quick-fix personality ethic techniques. It comes from striking at the root, the fabric of our thought. The fundamental and essential paradigms that defines our character and create the lens through which we see the world.

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