Take Charge of Your Space

When you hear the word "space", the first thing that would come into your mind is a specific portion meant for you. It could be anything. Be it a room, a land, it could be an opportunity.

Your space is your God-given arena and how you use it depends on you and how you apply the wisdom inculcated in you when you were created. Yes, everyone was created with everything he or she needs to achieve the assignment in the space God segregated for him or her.

A lot of people misuse this opportunity I called space because of their nonchalant attitude, some are carried away by enjoyment, and some refuse to be sensitive to every little whisper from God because God will always try to guide us with His still small voice when we are going out of line.

Inability to discern who owns the voice and what it is telling us exactly, make a lot of people loose their space for the devil to take over. The devil loves to take charge and he won't take over if you don't accept his advices, if you take charge of your space with God.

I love to use Joseph as an example, Joseph made use of the space he found himself well. Even though he never dreamt of becoming a prisoner, he only dreamt about the great person the Lord is going to turn him into. Yet, everything happened but he didn't slack. When Portipher's wife tried to make him loose guard by acting on the devil's advice through Portipher's wife, Joseph was able to discern the difference between God's way of blessing people and devil's way of tricking people, Joseph overcame even though that landed him into prison. But wherever Joseph found himself, he was never bitter about what was going on in his life. He only focused on the right thing which using his God-given talent (his own arena) for the benefit of others. Exactly what landed him into becoming a prime minister.

There is always a purpose for that space God has given you. It might look like it's not useful for now, but if you keep on cleaning, decorating that space with God's word, if you keep on obeying only His words about you, you can be sure that the little space will turn to a mansion later.

How do you take charge of your space?

Meditate on God's word (Joshua 1:8)

When you meditate on God's word, it will always teach you the next step to take and how to guard your space well.

Ask for discerning spirit(1 Corinthians 2:10, 1 John 4:1)

To be able to differentiate between God's voice and Satan's advices, you need a discerning spirit from God which can only be given in the place of prayer.

Beware of devil's devices.

The devil always want to take charge and he can come in different ways, using different methods to make one become his prey. But only the word of God can make one understand how the devil plans. And if you are committed to your relationship with God, you can be sure that you will always know ahead of time when, how and where the devil is planning to come at you and you will be able to prepare the right armor.

Know who you are in Christ.

Do not be moved by the enjoyments of this world (1 Peter 2:10-11, 1John 2:15-16). Don't get carried away. Don't get bitter because others are moving faster than you. God is only preparing you for the big deal ahead of you. Always let the spirit and the voice of the Lord in you take over your flesh. Affirm God's promises. God said He has a plan for you and they are plans to prosper you and give you an expected end. 

You are His child, He will never forsake you. The space might look blurry now, but with God's strength in you, take charge of it anyway. It might look dusty now, keep clearing, keep decorating, take charge of it anyway.

The glory of the latter shall be greater than the former!

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