Christian Fiction: That White Stained Gown

I stood with my hands on my hips smiling widely at my dress. I felt like one of those almost newly wed brides in those white dresses. It wasn't my wedding but this gown shone so bright. My gown was so white and beautiful. It was such a gift to receive from my mother seeing there was no "festivity in the air". I hung the gown and just stared. 

How can a white gown be this beautiful? How can something be this perfect? I thought as I continued to stare at this beauty. The material used to make this gown was one I had never seen. The stones neatly laid to make a beautiful design on the gown got my profound attention. The stones were perfect. The finishing was perfect. Everything was laid so well. The designer must have taken all the time in the world to do this gown. The stones on the dress shone brightly sending rails of happiness to my heart and smiles to my heart. I loved everything about the gown.I didn't even want to wear it. I just wanted to hang it up and prevent it from any dirt or stain and just admire.

As I kept staring, I heard my mother calling out to me down the hallway to my room. "Are you ready?" She asked. I was lost in thought. I didn't reply. She walked in on me still admiring. She stood at my door. I had left it ajar. I wanted anybody and everybody to take a look. She kept standing there till I noticed she was staring as hard at me as how I was staring at the gown. "Do you like it?" My mother asked again. I just ran over and gave her a big hug. I loved it. I wasn't used to plain clothes or neutral colours. I loved shinny and flowered dresses and I would have never magined a plain and white cloth could be this beautiful. My mother hurriedly asked me to get ready and wear my new gown as we were going to head out shortly. She explained that we were going to see someone. The full details would later come to me.

I hurriedly did the little preparation I could do. I rolled my hair into a bun and wore simple makeup. I outlined my pepper red lipstick on my lips to stand out. I wore my flat red shoes and looked just like a cute child. Putting the gown, I discovered that my red lipstick might stain it and I rubbed it off with a piece of my face wipes immediately. I had to change my shoe too. No stains were allowed on a perfect dress worn on such a perfect day no matter how important that thing was. No stain should get to my gown. I protected my gown with my whole heart. I changed my shoe and wore plain lipgloss on my lips and headed out to meet my mother.

She came out but not dressed. She further instructed that the driver drive me down to the palace. It was going to be a long journey as the palace was quite a drive from our house. She said she needed to do somethings and she will join me shortly. She stocked the car with everything I would need on my journey and when I arrive. I thanked her. I looked forward to this journey. I knew when I arrive that there would be alot of people and therefore, a good opportunity to flaunt my beautiful dress.

I tightened up my seat belt as we drove off. I love akara (beans cake) and our driver knew this. We got to this place where everything they were selling was just akara. Different recipes that all looked like the best thing to eat in the moment. It was like a whole street selling akara. I thought about coming down to buy some of the akara but I considered my gown. I couldn't soil this gown for something as flimsy as beans cake. I ignored the temptation to buy the beans cake. Our drive continued. I had everything I needed to eat and use in the car afterall. I sat back fighting my thoughts and will. I closed my eyes but I could still see it. We drove for almost an hour and I could still see it everywhere. I yielded finally. I couldn't resist anymore. I knew better than to come down so I asked the driver to help me get it. He advised against it seeing the gown I was wearing. He cautioned me. I still wouldn't pay attention. I beckoned on one of the sellers and instructed her to sell me some akara. She obliged and brought it. In my defense, I didn't get down and I was going to be careful eating it. 

I settled down to eating my beans cake. I even offered the driver but he declined my offer. I covered everywhere with napkins to prevent stains from the oil or stew falling on my beautiful dress. I ate quickly to avoid giving any stains chances. Once I was done, I threw the wrap away and put the napkins away. We continued our journey. I was tired. The journey seemed so long. I wanted to come down and stretch or just walk or rest. I came down and I held my gown up high. I didn't want to take chances. I could be careful like how I was with the akara. 

Just after I had come out of the car, I noticed a little stain of stew from the beans cake sauce I had taken. I was scared. I tried to wipe it immediately but instead, it spread. The stain became a big one. I was worried. But I just wanted to rest so I got my mind off it. I walked around holding my gown up and high. After a while, I got back to the car and the journey continued. I started sleeping. When I woke up, I noticed it was raining. We continued driving and I wanted to get down again. I had seen an old friend. I wanted to greet her. I had almost forgotten about the gown and when I jumped down, I jumped into a pud of mud created by the rain. Feet deep into it, then splash on my face then over my gown. Small dots, big stains and bad smells. I just went ahead and greeted her. We spoke and I got into the car. We were almost at the palace and I was more than exhausted.

I figured I could change the gown because it didn't look good anymore and I didn't smell right either. I changed into a simple red gown. I just sat in silence. I don't know what was wrong but I wasn't happy and elated any longer. We got to the palace and I was surprised. There was a big event and everybody was wearing white. I didn't have white again to wear. I was different. The men at the gate wore white too. The men wouldn't let me access into the occasion. I cried and begged to no avail. I was left outside. My perfect day and gown became ruined.

Just like me, everyone of us that is born again has been given a white shinny gown of purity when we became redeemed and we believed. We are amazed at how purity looks and feels. It looked impossible till you believed. After you have believed, you have been set on a journey. A journey to the feast with the Lamb. That day that you'll be presented as a bride to the Lamb. On this journey, you have a driver, a helper, a counselor, a guide, the Holy Spirit. He drives and advises you through it all. Alongside this driver, is everything you need for the journey and beyond. Stocked up in the car just for you. 2Pet.1.3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue: (KJV)

Like me, the very moment you start to contemplate sin and how you can carefully go around it without getting stained, you start getting into trouble. Little stains start to get on your beautiful gown. You don't want to be a bride covered on dirt on her own wedding. What a shame! After one sin, you feel comfortable and feel like you can navigate sins and be careful around them. The moment you start feeling like this, you start to get into trouble no matter how little that sin is. You start leaving the car frequently just to see your old friends and getting stains everywhere till you loose your wonder. You are no longer amazed by your gown or neither do you want to keep the gown perfect.

Loosing your wonder is a very dangerous thing. Bethel music captures this wholely:

"May we never loose our wonder,

Wide eyed and mystified,

May we be just like a child staring at the beauty of our king."

After your wonder has been lost, you can do anything to your gown. And as a bride, you are supposed to be white and shinny with no stains. That White gown must be kept without stains. Stains that ruin and corrupt everything. It should be kept without stains. Guard your heart with all diligence. Guard your gown with all diligence. Let nothing takes it place as important as this gown in your life.

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  1. Wow. A good read. May God help us to keep our garments white and without stain.


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