The Power of Oneness in Christ

Despite our various denominations and places of worship, it is God's will that we are not divided in our "diversities", and that we are united because we are members of one body and have one aim. 

It is disheartening when "churches" speak ill of themselves for trivial or non trivial reasons forgetting to love others even outside their own denominations.

Sometimes we refuse to hear or learn from our fellow brethren because we think we know more.
Sometimes, when we see and hear one's wrong or ignorant doings, instead of correcting in love, we totally condemn one's opinion in the superfluity of our "Bible-knowledge" for years. 

Yes, we speak the truth to the wrong to make right, but when we do, let us do in wisdom and kindness, for such is the nature of the Lamb we follow. 

How do we grow, if we are not instructed and corrected where necessary? 
How do we grow if we are not also teachable?
How do we grow if we do not seek to learn of his heart- The master's heart of meekness and searching love? 

In love, there is unity and correspondence. 
God is love and now we are in him, let us express his power, in the oneness of our hearts, without discrimination.
Mark 3:24  And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

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