World Prayer Stretch Day 25: Prayers for Brunei

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we welcome you to Day 25 of our Prayer stretch for countries across the world. If you are joining this prayer stretch, please kindly follow the instructions on our announcement page here. If you want to read through the Bible in the course of this prayer stretch, kindly download our Bible Reading Guide here.

Today, we are praying for Brunei Kindly find the prayers below:



Lord we thank you for Brunei. Thank you for your light in this land.

Lord, we pray that we enter the spiritual gates of this nation and it’s cities to see things the way you see them. Help us command results that will make the world marvel at your great and mighty works.

In the place of prayer, We take control over dark powers and authorities. We sack and unseat ungodly leaders from our land in the name of Jesus. We pray that we are conscious to do the right thing every time. Our minds as citizens of this nation is conformed to the will of God.

We pull down satanic altars erected against our nation and pray that the heavens shall be opened over this city. The efforts of darkness, terrorism, strife and crime sponsoring demons shall be frustrated in this land. We declare our nation blessed and no evil shall come near our dwelling in the name of Jesus.

We pray for peace in this land in Jesus' name. Amen

If you are reading this, thank you for joining today's prayer stretch and we hope you come around tomorrow. To receive Whatsapp prompts from the 195 Day Prayer Stretch team, kindly click here to join the WhatsApp group.

Also we believe that the Gospel can only reach the ends of the earth if you share. Please, do well to share these prayers with your friends and families. God bless you!




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