Christian Poetry: Yes, I will

He stretched forth his bleeding hands to me,

I drew back in fright.

The hands weren't just bleeding;

They had holes in them.

Holes so large I could stick 2 fingers in them. 

“Beloved," He beckoned to me.

I went farther back, offended by my stench,

His absolute purity, except for his bleeding,

Made me unworthy, to take the freedom he was offering.

“Come to me." He beckoned again. 

“I'm not worthy." With tear-stained eyes, I replied. 

“I did this for you." He mentioned, smiling down at me. 

“You didn't have to. I do not deserve it." I argued. 

“You do not have to. I did it, not so you could deserve it... But because I love you. You deserve love and light." He explained.

“Lucifer told me. He said I can't be loved." I cried. 

“I love you. That's enough for both of us." He replied.

“He said I can't be clean." I bellowed.

“I am clean for both of us." He touched my teary cheeks, tenderly.

I felt a surge of wholeness. 

My soiled apparel became clean with hyssop. 

My feet were shod with sandals just like His.

I looked up to him. He caressed my face this time.

Washing it with His blood.

I became clean! I felt clean!

“I don't deserve this." I wept quietly.

“I did it anyway." He replied, weeping with me. 

Tears, slipping down his cheeks like water running down a hill. 

“You said you love..." I said, staring deeply into his love-stained eyes.

“I love you, and I want you to come with me... Will you?" He requested.

“Yes, I will!" I jumped to my feet, as he wrapped me in a big embrace.


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