Biography of Dr. Sonnie Badu

Born on November 11th, Dr. Sonnie Badu is an international Worship Leader and preacher whose ministry is reminiscent in accordance to the heartbeat of God unveiling through Word & Worship.

Full Biography of Dr. Sonnie Badu

A Ghanaian by descent, Dr. Sonnie Badu is a music producer who shows versatility in various capacities, while exhibiting excellence in music ingenuity and numerous business novelties.

As a best-selling author of several books, he is dedicated to bestow and enrich people's lives by unlocking  their full God-given potential .

He is the chief steward of many non-profits and ambassador to global philanthropic efforts.

Full Biography of Dr. Sonnie Badu

Dr. Sonnie Badu is an influential figure in African gospel music. Arguably, one of the most consistent popular live acts in the world.
 His unique blend of intimate worship, high quality visuals and his energetic style of ushering congregations into the presence of God has affected lives.
He's an accomplished entrepreneur, songwriter, producer, author and the founder and lead Pastor of RockHill Church in Atlanta, Georgia.
He is undeniably one of the well respected trailblazers in african gospel music on a global scene with many hit songs and several awards to his credit.
Dr. Sonnie Badu holds a Doctorate in Divinity, a bachelors in ministry, a masters in Christian Leadership, a doctorate of fine arts  in musicology and a PhD in Theology. He was recently made A Professor and The Dean of the Faculty of music at Trinity International University of Ambassadors.
He is a UN ambassador of Sacred Music (Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Special Envoy), and a recipient of the presidential lifetime achievement award and an honorary Georgia Citizenship.
He also holds the Keys to the Cities of Brooklyn, New York and Brentwood, Maryland.
Badu is happily married to Lady Annie Badu with 4 beautiful children; Shadine, Imani, Sonnie and Ayanna Badu.

Full Biography of Dr. Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu Music Academy
Rock Hill Church
Sonnie Badu Ministries

Sonnie Badu Ministries | Badu Foundation
Among his many endeavours, Sonnie is also a philanthropist.  However, he soon realised that it was not enough and opened his own foundation that he named after himself. The Badu Foundation's goal is to provide orphans and other vulnerable groups with quality education, support and care. Speaking of orphanages, Sonnie Badu is the owner and ambassador of several homes for children.

Sonnie Badu Music Academy
This academy involves an intensive teaching and mentorship program by the award winning prolific songwriter, producer, businessman, conference speaker and international Gospel artist Sonnie Badu. He has become a global icon, won over 20 major awards and received 3 honorary awards including national peace award conferred to him early this year by the Stability Foundation International in Ghana.

Rock hill church

We exist to bring glory to God by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, community, service, and multiplication. We believe we have a unique calling as a church to focus on developing leaders who are called to local church and city-reaching ministry. We invite you to see for yourself how exciting church can be when the focus is simple.

Songs and Musical Releases by Dr. Sonnie Badu

As an inspiring gospel musician, Dr. Sonnie Badu has

Dr. Sonnue Badu is active on social media. You can connect with him vis his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also subscribe to his official YouTube channel here or visit his website here

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